Dad Got Stuck

Just a quick little update on the Eagle gals.  My mom, Jenna and I have had a very boring weekend of TV watching and looking at the pouring rain through the window.  Well, it was more my mom and I…..with Jenna coming and going to give me some breaks.  My breaks were always during crazy times (like tornadoes in the twin cities), so I can’t say they were super relaxing.  Thank you anyway Jenna!  You know I appreciate it!  Even when you are running around the house like a crazy person afraid of the “big bad storms”!  haha.  My dad was supposed to arrive home today, but the car managed to breakdown.  haha.  I just had a feeling that would happen!  If you had read my previous blogs… you might remember that my dad took my Saturn that I had racked up 180,000 miles on & doesn’t get driven too often. I don’t even remember what my dad said needed to be replaced…but it took all day for the repair place to get the part.  He has been stranded in Wausau, WI.  It was a cheap repair though!   Luckily my mom and I have been doing pretty well.  The new season of the Bachelorette just started, so we are in good shape for the evening.  My dad should arrive home tomorrow and give me a well deserved evening off .  On a positive note, my mom and I did get out today to enjoy the beautiful day.  We went for a very long drive and got some errands done.  It felt wonderful being outside again!!!

That is it for now!  Short but sweet!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued peace from anxiety!  Things have been going very well lately!

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