Happy 62nd Birthday Mama Jules!

Today marks another huge milestone for my mom.  We are celebrating 62 years of her life!  My mom and her brother Jeff turn 62 today!! If you have not figured it out, yes, my mom is a twin!  We have had a jam-packed day of visitors and presents.  My mom feels so blessed and special.  From the big smiles she has been throwing us….I know that she feels very honored!

It started yesterday when her friends Dori & Amy came over to plant flowers in our flower boxes.  This was the best present ever…because it is hard for me to go and get flowers with my mom.  They look great!  Thank you Dori & Amy!

Dori & Amy

Finished product!

Today we had our bio-feedback session with Deanna, and then our visitors included Jane, Joey, Catey, Louann, Aunt Sam & Uncle Jeff, Amy, Megan & my sister Jenna.  We were going non- stop all day.  Of course we did our usual “cook-out” and ate in honor of my mom.  We even had a little cake for her.  I must say…we had nothing planned today, and it turned into the perfect day.

Mom, Jenna & Dad with birthday cake

Mom and I goofing around....I am unfortunately without makeup AGAIN!!

My uncle Jeff (mom's twin brother) reading my mom her birthday card

Amy gave mom a bright and fun new blanket. No more blah! They needed their shades it was so cool!

And now I am on what remains of my break time.  Looks like I am getting about an hour tonight….so I am going to make this short.  Thank you again to everybody for the birthday wishes to my mom!  I have read her all the comments on Facebook, emails and cards.  She has loved every one!!!  xoxoxo to you all!

Prayer for Julie: pray for continued peace from mom’s anxiety.  Things have continued going very well!  YES!

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