We hope that everybody had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Our Memorial Day Weekend was a little bland…..but we had fun anyway.  The weather was a little strange here in MN, so we spent a lot of time indoors.  We went through tornado warnings, rain, and extreme heat & mugginess.  Yuck !  The highlight would have to be when my Uncle John & cousins Aaron & Shawna stopped over with a birthday bouquet for my mom.  It was nice getting to catch up with them!  We saw them last week when we buried their mom (who had passed away from pancreatic cancer 2 years ago…her body was donated to research).  If you would like to read about her in my previous blog click here.  She was a wonderful woman!  Here are some pics from their visit.

My cousin Shawna reading my mom her birthday card


Aaron, John, Shawna & my mom....so cute!

All of my mom's birthday flowers! One lucky lady!

And that brings us to today.  Pastor Roger came over today for a visit.  He told us that he talked about my mom in his services this past weekend…and my mom was so touched.  He said he spoke of transitions & how people choose to deal with them.  When I was later telling my dad about it….my mom started crying.  I think one thing that will always mean the most to her is knowing that she is inspiring others.  She has her rough times….but life can still be good!  After that we headed over to our walking area to go for a walk.  When we got out of the car we were practically blown over.  Apparently we are under a huge wind advisory here in the twin cities.  So we got back in the car and went for a drive instead.  After that we went home and planted some flowers while chatting with the neighbors.  I think that we could classify it as a very good day!

Thank you for checking in!

Prayer for Julie: pray for continued peace from her anxiety.  Things are still going great!


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