We love Summer!

Well, I think a week has passed since my last post.  It has been a pretty smooth and easy week for us.  We have gotten out for some walks & had some visitors that we hadn’t seen in a while.  I think that both my mom and I would give the week 2 thumbs up!

Yesterday we met my friends Renee & Dana at the Mall of America with their babies to do a little walking.  It was a bit cold outside (huge change from the 100 degree temps we were feeling 2 days before)….so we decided to walk indoors.  MOA never disappoints for some excellent people watching!  It was fun having a “play date” and hanging with the babies.  We couldn’t stop talking about how they grow so fast!

Dana & my mom

Dana's little boy Kellan

Renee & Baby Nolan

Things have been going very well for my mom lately.  He “sensations” with her skin are SO much better & our stress/emotional level is no longer off the roof.  We have finally regained our sense of normalcy.  My mom’s medication changes must have really done the trick.  We are back to enjoying our trips outside and visits with friends.  And  anxiety is back to a very low-level!  Thank you for the thoughts and prayers!

We have some fun things coming up this week that we are looking forward to .  One of them will be our first Twin’s Game at Target Field on Tuesday.  I will update more later on how we got the tickets……but we are very excited!!!  Hopefully they will pull out a win for us!

Thanks for checking in!

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  1. Nolan and I had a blast! Let’s playdate again soon (-:

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