Wild Weather = Wild Times

Like my title states…this summer has been completely crazy with weather here in the MN.  In fact, my mom and I just got back from shopping where we had to leave early due to weather.  My sister wouldn’t stop blowing up my phone to tell us to leave the mall immediately.  Every time I told her we had not left yet she would get madder and madder.  My mom was all giggle of course….since she is a thrill seeker & she will get her thrills any way that she can these days!  haha.  We ended up leaving just in time & missing the down pour making it back into the house literally seconds before the rain started.

Last night was a little different.  As most of you know, we had tickets to the Twins/White Sox Game!  This was my mom’s & my first time to Target Field, so we were pretty excited.  Catey (our friend & home health care aid) had signed my mom up for Agewell’s “wish” program saying that my mom would love to go to a Twin’s Game.  They kindly purchased us 4 handicap tickets & we were off to the game!  As most of you Minnesotans know last night’s weather was a DISASTER!  It rained & rained & rained & rained.  Mom, Catey, Jenna & I had a great time anyway.  We hung out at our seats & had a little dinner.  Said hi to people that we ran into.  And made friends with some security guards!  Eventually the announcement came that the game would be postponed & we began our journey back home.  We got pretty creative covering my mom up in the pouring rain & she laughed through the whole thing.  Good times!  Good Times!

Catey, Mama Jules & Jenna. I think I caught mom mid blink. Oops

Jenna ran into her cute prego friend Mickensi!


Yes...I was there too!

On Sunday we had a great time at Jenna’s brother-in-law Ben’s graduation party.  They have a great backyard…so we were able to wheel my mom around and hang out for a couple of hours.  My sister was in charge of scooping ice cream.  Go Jenna!

Ready to scoop! Forgot to get a pic of mom at this event 😦

And on Saturday night (my night off) I got to spend some time outdoors at Bayside on Lake Minnetonka with Catey, Randy, Jenna & Ross.  It was so nice having a nice evening to hang out on a porch outdoors.  The weather has just been so crazy around here.  We stayed late into the evening and watched some pretty entertaining dancing on the dance floor.  I even took some video!  I won’t post that for now.  hehe.

Ross, Jenna & Catey


And that is about all for today.  Tomorrow is Jenna’s 25th Birthday…..so HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY JENNA!!!  WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Prayer for Julie:  Pray for continued peace from her anxiety and skin sensations.  Still doing well!



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3 responses to “Wild Weather = Wild Times

  1. Will they give you replacement tickets for another game?! Glad you had fun.:)

  2. We will go when they re-schedule the game…and we don’t have to re-pay for parking so that is nice. Did Ed end up driving down….or did he wait to hear the decision on the game?

  3. Nancy Reuter

    I admire y’all’s great attitudes! Sounds like you’ve been having some adventures!

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