Jenna turns 25!

Yes, baby J turned 25 yesterday!  And since it was her birthday….everything that we did had to have the word “birthday” before it.  Yes, we come from a family of huge dorks.  First she did birthday yoga, then birthday spray tan & then came over to our house to frost birthday cupcakes!  After the cupcakes…it was off to birthday walk with mama Jules & our friend Amy!  The weather was perfect (for once) so we were in weather heaven!

Amy, Julie & Birthday Jenna!

After our walk….Jenna went home to pick up her lovie, and I got mom back in bed.  I had a hard to convincing her to get back in bed…she wasn’t really having it.  I just didn’t have much time left in the evening since I was joining Jenna & her friends for dinner.  We always see it as a good sign that mom has a spirit that wants to keep going!  It would be far worse if it was the other way around. So, after I got mom back in bed and my dad got home from work, we had our little family present opening & singing of happy birthday.  Cupcakes are always on the menu when it comes to baby J!

Make a wish!

Dad reading mom the mail, eating a cupcake & mom mad that she is in bed (haha..just kidding)

Jenna with one of her presents

The lovebirds looking through a wedding photo album I made for Jenna's birthday

Next it was off to Kona Grill for dinner with some of Jenna’s nearest and dearest!  I love all of these girl!  They are some of the sweetest/kindest women you will ever meet!

Jenna & Kailee (Big J & Lil K)

Mel, Jenna & Karin (U of M DH-ers!!)

Katie, Megan & Jenna (Creeker Love)

Jenna got another Cupcake at Kona!

Aaaahhh Sister Love

The Ladies!

Ross was there too!

re-enactment of wedding day since their one year is coming up! aaahhhh

I think that Jenna would say she had a great birthday!  I know that this post is mostly pics….but you asked & I delivered!  Who doesn’t love pictures anyway??

As I am blogging, my mom and I are looking out the window wondering what the weather is going to be doing.  It looks like we might be getting more rain.  Booo.  I am thinking our walk that we had planned is out of the question.  Maybe we will be doing some reading instead!

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    I love your blog! It always brings tears to my eyes. Your family is so beautiful inside and out. I’m very blessed to know you all. 🙂



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