A Special Message…

A couple of months ago our visitation pastor who visits our home, Pastor Roger, asked my mom if she would mind if he spoke about her and told her story at church during one of his services.  My mom’s face lit up right away….and she said yes.  If you attend St. Andrew Lutheran Church, you might notice that they have a pretty large prayer list in their program each week.  My mom’s name has been in that #1 slot for many years now.  Pastor Roger told us that so many people see those names…but don’t actually know specifically why they are praying for that person.  By now, the congregation has surely seen my mom’s name week after week for years and wondered what exactly is wrong with this Julie lady…and how they can help her in their prayers.  So, a couple of weeks ago Pastor Roger told us that he spoke about my mom like he said he was going to in his weekend services.  He said that he had many people come up to him after & say that they needed to hear an inspiring story such as my moms.  This brought my mom to tears of course.  It really meant so much to her (and to all of us).  We received the audio copy of the service a few days ago…and I am going to attach the last 3 minutes below.  If you have a few minutes, we would love for you to listen to it!  Pastor Roger does a great job showing what an inspiration my mom is!  May she continue to inspire me & all those around her!!


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3 responses to “A Special Message…

  1. Carol Frimerman

    Thank you so much for sharing the message from your Pastor. It was inspirational! You both are amazing woman!

    Carol Frimerman

  2. tiffany.kokal@gmail.com

    That’s really sweet. You’re mama is one strong lady! I hope and pray I can be that strong too.

  3. jamie

    Your mother seems so strong willed.She is a fighter thats for sure.My dad has Als.I have learned what the word “dignity”truly means now…he remains positive and humble…and that sounds like your mother as well.This pastor said very beautiful inspiring words.Thank you so much for sharing.

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