Have a Safe Holiday Weekend!

We want to wish everybody a safe and happy 4th of July holiday weekend!  We don’t have any big and crazy plans around here.  The heat has been very steamy….so I think that my mom and I are heading to the movies tomorrow.   It has become too hot for walking.  Jenna & Ross will be heading up North to the Narloch Cabin on Saturday.  As most of you know….up North is Minnesota’s Hampton’s come summer time.  The traffic can get crazy with everybody leaving the cities on weekends to head to their cabin’s & summer homes.

This week has been pretty fun for us.  My mom and I have been on several walks & and hung out with friends.  Today my mom’s friend Jane May came over!  We had not seen her in about a year….so it was fun catching up!  We have also visited with Dori Herman, Amy Rasmussen & Jane Lantz this week.  Mama Jules just loves her friends!  Yesterday we headed over to the Arboredum to walk around a little bit.  Things are really growing & the gardens are beautiful!

Pretty view from the Japanese Garden


Aren't we having fun? Not sure if mom was too excited to take this pic..

Another fun thing that we tried out this week was “Eye Gaze” technology.  This is a computer device that would allow my mom to select words & spell by using her eyes.  It was pretty interesting!  By the time we got things moving along & my mom was understanding the device…her eyes starting pooping out on us.  We are going to have another session next week to see how it goes with a little more practice.  It was very cool & my mom found it very interesting.  I think that she also found it mentally stimulating….which was very nice for her!  I will keep you updated as to how our next session goes.

Everybody have a great weekend & Happy 4th of July!  God Bless America!!


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