OK, So Here is What Happened…..

As most of my Facebook friends know….my mom has been in the hospital the last few days & is now home safe and sound.  Many people have been asking what exactly happened, so I thought I would fill you in!  I was out-of-town last weekend (I will write more about that towards the end..so keep reading!).  When I was gone everything went really well with my sister & dad taking care of my mom.  At one point my mom’s feeding tube got plugged, so my sister had to replace the tube with a new one.  This is something we do every few months so it isn’t too big of a deal.  Over the next couple of days the feeding tube was a little bit loose & popped out a couple of times.  The feeding tube has a balloon that is inflated inside my mom’s stomach after the tube is placed so it doesn’t pop out.  It appears that we were given a faulty tube & over time the balloon was gradually deflating.  Over those couple of days my dad & sister would catch it when it fell out and pop it back in so it wasn’t really a big deal.  We didn’t realize at that time that we had a bad tube.  What eventually ended up happening was….my dad rolled my mom at 3:00 am on Sunday evening & did not notice that the tube fell out.  When he pulled back the covers around 9:00 am the tube was laying next to her in bed.  Not good!  At that point my mom’s hole had completely closed up & there was no way to get it back in.  I was at the Chicago Airport with my friends waiting for our flight home when I got the call from my dad.  I had just been thinking about how I hoped my mom would let me nap that afternoon after my long fun weekend out in the sun.  I was exhausted!  When I talked to my dad we both knew where we would be headed…..to the hospital.

Over the next couple of days…my mom was given an IV since she was no longer able to get any nourishment, her veins were poked and prodded for blood-work, and she was given plasma to get her INR (blood thickness) levels down so she wouldn’t bleed internally from the procedure.  On Tuesday my mom had her new tube put in.  They were able to do the surgery in her ICU room which was pretty cool.  I got to be in there since my mom can only communicate with me.  It was pretty interesting to watch.  My mom did great with the anesthesia & once again proved how strong she is.  When she finally came around….she didn’t even look like anything had happened to her.  (they place the tube by going down her throat into the stomach with a camera & tubes).  She was smiling & had no pain whatsoever.  So, after we all let out a sigh of relief…..we were able to spend another night under observation & head home the next day.  Things are back to normal now & mom is doing great!  If you are wondering what a feeding tube looks like….here you go!  (it is not my mom BTW)

This is pretty much what my mom's tube looks like....but her tummy is way cuter! haha

Ok, so now on to the fun stuff.  Before all of this crazy hospital stuff happened….I went to Chicago with my good friends Catey & Lindsay for the Dave Mathews Band Caravan & Twin’s/White Sox game.  We had a great time & the weather was perfect!  I was gone Friday – Monday….which I had not done in years.  I thought I would share a few pictures with y’all

Day 1 at the concerts! Fun venue but in a horrible part of town

Yay For Dave Mathews!

Day 2 heading over to the Twin's/White Sox Game on the L. Catey and Lindsay all geared up in their Twin's best!

We had great seats (in the baking sun) at the game

Cabbing it on day 3 to the concerts (DMB Caravan). Catey loved pulling out her farting machine in public places.

I met up with my sorority sister Julie Juergens & had a great time catching up with her!

Dave surprised the audience at the Emmylou Harris concert to introduce her. Emmylou's concert was awesome & a highlight from the weekend!

Had to get a pic in front of the sign


And that is about all of the pictures that I had on my camera.   As you can see…we had a great time!  It was nice to have a fun girlie weekend before a 3 day stay in the hospital.  I am glad that everything went well…..and we are all back home safe and sound.   Thank you everybody that has contacted us, prayed for us & sent positive energy our way!  I have read my mom every message that was sent & posted.  They meant so much to her & she couldn’t be more thankful (along with all of us).  xoxo to you all!



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2 responses to “OK, So Here is What Happened…..

  1. melony

    I am so glad everything has turned out wonderfully! always wishing the best for you Julie!!

  2. Pat Hecker

    Glad to know everything went well and your are home. Get some rest.

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