We Are Having a Heat Wave!

Jenna & Mama Jules giving each other some loving

As most people in the country know….we are having a heat wave!  I don’t have much to report about Mama Jules because we have been stuck in the house.  We were supposed to go to my sister’s house the other day, but decided against it when they showed all of the Twin’s fans wiping sweat off their faces on TV.  She came over to our house instead & brightened my mom’s spirits.  I was able to take my mom out for a drive last Friday, and that has been about it.  We are counting the days until we can get out walking again.  This has been tough!  We have been passing the time by reading a bunch and watching TV.  I am happy to report that my mom has been doing great since her surgery last week.  She shows no signs of infection (something we always fear when she is hospitalized) & her peg tube incision looks completely healed!  Yay!

My dad will be having double hernia surgery on Friday, so we will be adding another parent to the “take care of” list.  It is a same day surgery & he should be moving about within a few days.  He is always bummed when things happen that slow him down, but it is better to get the problem taken care of now.  Jenna will come over to take care of my mom, while I go with my dad to the hospital.  I think we have to be there at 5:00 am….so you know I will be in pain!  I will let you know how all of that goes!

On a positive note, Jenna and Ross will be closing on a new house next week!  We have really enjoyed watching them go through the buying process.  Jenna would always forward me the MLS listings they were looking at….and then my mom and I would go drive by them!  I think that my mom and I both share a love of Real Estate.  We drive out to their new home often to check out how the building process is going.  It will be so much fun seeing it completed next week.  Congrats Ross & Jenna!

And that is all I have to share for this week so far.  Thank you for checking in with us!

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One response to “We Are Having a Heat Wave!

  1. Jenny Ann

    Hi from Az Julie and family!

    I know it is very hot in MN. Today it was 110 here and getting humid. It is monsoon season so the party is starting with storms. We had another “hoboob” wind/dust storm last night when Dave and I were driving home. We quickly got off the freeway and into a parking lot. It was on the front page of your newspaper a few weeks ago with our first one. Super scary!!!! This one wasn’t as bad, we waited about 20 – 30 min. dust & wind
    Hugs to Julie xoxoxo Jenny Ann

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