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Eagle Adventures

Well, we have certainly had our adventures this past week.  One of the biggest would be getting my mom into Jenna & Ross’ new home!  Yes, the happy couple officially became home owners last Friday!  My mom and I were able to help out a little with the moving in our state of the art handicap van!  That thing comes in handy!  We decided that Sunday would be the day to try to get mom into the house.  We knew that this would be a bit of a challenge because the house has 4 steps heading up to both the front door & the garage door.  This creates a large “slope” when using a ramp to get our mom inside.  We also have other obstacles with the wheelchair that are hard to explain.  It basically takes some guess & check the first time around when getting into any home.  After 3 different tries in the crazy hot humidity heat….we figured out that we need to go through the garage door with my mom backing up into the house.  It was an extremely stressful experience, but once my mom got in…it was well worth it!  She has been waiting for months to see what the interior looks like!  Now that we have figured out the best way to get her in…next time should go a lot better!

Jenna packing up and getting ready to move

The new house! This pic was taken from inside my car...so please excuse the bird poop on the window!

Other than the house, we have been hanging out and avoiding this crazy heat and rainy weather.  Last Thursday we went to see “Friends with Benefits” with my Godmother Mary.  The movie was really cute and it was the perfect way to stay out of the heat!  We have also had lots of visitors that help us keep entertained when we need to be in the house.  Thank you friends!

My dad is still healing from his double hernia surgery.  He seems to be doing well…but still cannot roll my mom.  I am heading out-of-town this weekend, so we hope that he is feeling better by then.  Jenna will also be here helping to take care of my mom.  We sure do a great job pulling together as a family!

Our friend Catey is over right now helping us clean & we have a bunch of men on our roof power washing. We also had our weekly check up with our nurse.  I think that sums up the excitement of our day! Rain…Rain…Go Away…….

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