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Make New Friends…But Keep The Old!

This past weekend I had to pleasure of reuniting with my two closest friends in college.  It has been 9 years!!!  I cannot believe that we let so much time pass before getting together.  Again, my sister & dad stepped up to the plate to help with mama Jules so I could relax and have the entire weekend off.  It sounds like everything went well here at home & my mom was in good spirits when I got home!

Vintage pic of mom & Jenna back in the day

On my way to Des Moines, I stopped in Ankeny to visit with my bestie Kate Schmidtlein Florer and her family.  Kate is pregnant and due in a couple of weeks, so I knew this would be my last opportunity to see her fully prego!  She looks so great & I can’t wait to meet the little man!

Kate showing off her belly!

Ahhh. We have been friends since we were 4 years old!

Next it was off to Ankeny to meet up with my college besties Teresa Baumann & Heather Voland!  Like I said, it has been 9 years so we had way too much to catch up on!  We mostly enjoyed hanging out at Teresa’s house & catching up.  We did manage to squeeze a little shopping in & and night out at a country bar.  It was simply perfect!  I cannot wait until the next time I get to see these wonderful ladies.  I will put a couple of college pics below.  I think that we had a little too much fun back in the day!  I have so many crazy fun memories with these ladies!

Heather, Teresa & I baking in our sorority's kitchen

My 21st birthday! I introduced Teresa to the man in this picture (Jeremy) and they have now been married for 10 years!

Teresa and I

Heather, Teresa & I present day

Thank you so much Teresa for having us!  It was the perfect little reunion!  Had so much fun!

And that about sums up our family for the past few days.  Today we are back to reality & watching some more rain coming in.  It looks like the rest of the days this week are going to be beautiful!  My mom and I look forward to getting some long walks in!

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