This week has been so gorgeous!  We have been walking…walking….walking!  I thank God for the decrease in humidity and temps.  They have allowed for perfect days outside.

My mom has been doing great lately.  Last week we thought she might be getting a little bug of some sort, but that is all long gone.  Her eyes have been bright & her smiles have been big.

Yesterday we walked through my sister’s new neighborhood with her.  Her neighborhood is very spaced out & has great walking paths.  It is nice to have a fun new place to walk!  It is very peaceful where she lives.

Mama Jules & Jenna

Quick stop so mom can ask Jenna a question

Jenna wanted to get this pic because her favorite bridge in her neighborhood is in the background.

Last night I got to dine with my friend Catey at Redstone.  The back porch was packed & you could feel how excited everybody was about the weather.  I just love a good night outdoors with a glass of wine!  Perfect!


Talk with you more soon!

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