Family Picnic

Today, my mom and I decided to join my grandpa for his family picnic at his new home!  It was so much fun!  Is it weird that my mom and I are having such a great time hanging out at my grandpa’s assisted living home?  There was all kinds of food, decorations, and band music!  Woot Woot!  Near the beginning, I got a call from my sister seeing what we were up to.  I told her we were at the picnic and having a great time!  Once I mentioned the grilled corn, my sister saw this as a huge selling point & drove her car on over as well.  We had a lovely afternoon of eating, chatting with the community & snapping our fingers to a little “Roll out the Barrel”.  I just love watching the seniors dance!  So cute!  haha.  Here are some fun pics from our afternoon.  I am so happy that my grandpa is enjoying MN so far…and he seems very happy with where he is living.  God has been watching over us during this move home for him!

Grandpa goofing around with his cotton candy

Jenna of course saw this as a good photo opportunity!

There is the yummy corn!

Mom and Gramps. She was smiling lots that day. I just caught her off guard!


That is all for today!  Had to share the fun with you!


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3 responses to “Family Picnic

  1. Barbara Anderson

    So wonderful that he’s enjoying his new home and that you can all hang out together!

  2. Pat Hecker

    Is he at the Colony in Eden Prairie?

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