Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

September is apparently a huge month for many of our family & friends that have birthdays.  This past month has been PACKED with birthday parties & dinners. I can finally say & am worn out!  I also celebrated my 33rd birthday & felt so loved!  It is tough getting older….but my friends & family always make it easier on me!

First up….my sister had a few of my friends over to celebrate my birthday the night of the ALS walk.  She made a cake and everything!  Thanks Jenna!  I love you!


My awesome Cake!

After dinner at Jenna & Ross’ house, it was off to Floyd’s in Victoria for some drinks!  That was an experience!  Jenna & Ross had to head off to a wedding reception, so my friends & I partied without them.

Catey, Dana, Lindsay & myself

Jen was there too!

Thank you ladies for such a fun birthday night!

The next day it was off to my Uncle John’s house for my cousin Shawna’s 13th birthday.  It was great to relax with family outside on a beautiful September day.  It was also great to have Grandpa Kast in town & able to join us.

My cousin Shawna & Her birthday cake

My cousin Lindsay & her daughter Sylvia. So cute!

After all of that weekend fun….my sister took care of my mom so I could drive to IA to meet my friend Kate’s new baby boy during the middle of the week.  Kate’s son Everett is a complete doll & I love him to pieces!  Kate also took me out for birthday sushi!  That was the best meal I have had in forever!!!!

Kate, Everett & I

Birthday Sushi!!

We love sushi!

Thank you Kate for a wonderful visit!  Thank you Jenna for watching Mama Jules so I could run off to IA!  It was perfect!

And finally, last Sunday we went to Old Chicago to celebrate my nephew Julian’s birthday & my birthday.  They are very “wheelchair friendly” so it is the perfect place for our crazy family!

My nephew's Jordan & Julian

My uncle Jeff, My dad & Grandpa Kast

The Group. I think Julian was feeling a little camera shy

And that sums up the last week or so for us!  I hope that you enjoyed our pics!  Things are finally settling down for us around here….so we look forward to a little relaxation.  We did go for a walk yesterday with our friend Amy & it was beautiful outside!  This 80 degree weather is not bad.  We will take it!


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2 responses to “Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

  1. so glad you had a great birthday! missed seeing you!!

  2. Barbara

    Happy Belated Birthday! I love all the new pictures you posted!

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