Hospital Days…..

As most of you know, we have been admitted into the hospital again with the diagnosis of Cellulitis.  This is the same thing that we were here for a couple of months ago.  Our last time admitted we were here about 5 days.  This stay will be about 4 days.  It looks like we might get to go home tomorrow!  Fingers crossed!

We started to notice symptoms with my mom last week.  She was getting “hot flashes” every afternoon & we assumed that they were hormone related.  Thursday afternoon she spiked a temperature, but still had no rash.  Friday my mom was feeling pretty well during the day, so we decided to go bring my grandpa dinner & have a little visit.  Once we got there my mom developed a severe case of the chills.  By the time we got back home & in bed she had a fever & was starting to look a little pink on her inner thighs & bottom.  We decided to keep an eye on it…..since we knew the rash would be the telling sign.  A couple of hours later, the rash was in full effect.  We decided to head to the ER the next morning.  Jenna came over to our house super early to help get mom ready & fed so I could get showered and packed up.  Dad had gotten up even earlier to head to work for a couple of hours (the man never stops).

The ER was empty (this was a first for us)!  We got in right away & diagnosed rather quickly.  I think my mom was up in her ICU room by 2:00.  That was record timing for us!  My dad had left at 12:30 to get more work done at home since he was going to return to the hospital to give me the night off.  Woot Woot!  First night in the hospital & it happened to land on my night off!  haha.  Dad did great.  I think it was his first time staying over night.  He found his reclining chair surprisingly comfortable & mom seemed happy when I showed up Sunday morning.  Since then, I have been on full-time.  Dad & Jenna are back at work today.  Just because we are in the hospital, life still goes on.  Team Eagle is in full effect!

Dad caring for his favorite gal

Jenna showing her love for Mama Jules

So, all in all, my mom’s rash has disappeared & the antibiotics seem to be doing the trick.  We look forward to heading home tomorrow.  Thank you friends & family for all of the kind messages!  I know that they help my mom keep her spirits up when we take minor steps back such as this.  She feels so loved!!!


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  1. Barbara

    Happy Halloween to you guys! Hopefully you will get out of there by tomorrow-and as you like to say… Woot Woot!

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