Homecomings & Housewarmings!

As of yesterday, we are home from the hospital!  Woot Woot!  My mom is doing great and overall it was a pretty stress-free stay.  As stress free as being in the hospital can be.  Of course we still had to get used to the light flipping on at all hours of the night.  Why they always do blood work at 3:00 am versus any other time of day is beyond me.  That is always a favorite of ours!  Just kidding.  The nurses were EXCELLENT as usual.  Since my mom is on a vent, we are always admitted into the ICU.  Those nurses work their tails off.  And I always take it as an opportunity to learn more little tricks of the trade.  So, we are home & back into our routine.  It really makes us thankful for our setup here at home.  We have a pretty slick routine!

Ok, on to the next.  I have had some pictures I wanted to post from a couple of weeks ago!  Jenna & Ross had a housewarming party to show off their new digs with family & friends.  Mama Jules was there along with a whole crew of other people.  It was a really fun night & I know they were so pleased with how many people were able to make it!  What a special night!

Jenna & Grandpa Kast! He even wore his "Life Alert" button!

Sangria! Yummy!

Jenna & some friends

Merry Dental came!

Karin & Mel looking very comfortable with baby Landon

Hanging with Mickensi's new baby!

Gramps, Dad, Uncle John & Mama Jules

Chatty Chat

DH Ladies

Crazy Ladies. Haha


EP Ladies

And that is about all for now!  Hopefully life will stay un-eventful in the health department.  Thank you again for all the kind thoughts and wishes to my mom.  She loves you all!

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  1. Barbara

    Beautiful pictures!

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