Shopping and Babies!

Well, about a week has passed since my last post.  My mom has been feeling great since her last hospital visit.  We have been getting out of the house quite a bit & her energy seems great.  Keep those prayers coming for her to stay hospital free!

Last Saturday we had a fun outing.  Our family friend Cate Lantz Mezyk (fashion blog auther at had a pop-up-shop for local vendors to share their goodies with the public.  We had a great time!  Jenna & our friend Catey were able to join us as well.  Between the 4 of us, we left with lots of fun finds!  Thank you Cate for putting together such a fun event!

Myself, mama Jules, Cate Mezyk, Jane Lantz & Jenna at the Wild Ruffle Pop Up Shop

This past Friday Jenna & Ross took my dad out to dinner.  My dad doesn’t get to go out to eat that often (at fun new places), so he was excited for an adult night out with the semi-newlyweds. The man works way too hard! I think he even enjoyed a cocktail.  Now that is a fun night!

The threesome heading out

While they were out to dinner, my friends Kate & Elliott Florer brought their baby Everett over to meet my mom!  They were in MN up from IA for a few days & it was so great to see them!  My mom loved meeting Everett & he seemed to love Mama Jules as well.  We placed him in her lap where he seemed happy & comfortable.  After 20 minutes…he even put himself to sleep.  It was so adorable & special!  We just loved it!

Everett sleeping in Mama Jules' lap

Mama Jules, Everett, Kate & Myself. I always get crazy eyes for some reason

Everett in the cute onesie I got him. His dad is a cop! So cute!

And that is a quick update of the Eagle excitement this past week.  We have still been visiting Grandpa Kast about 3 times a week at his “assisted living” home.  He still says he is out of here when the snow hits the ground.  We are hoping he will adjust his plans and stick out the winter here in MN.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Thank you for checking in!  Kelly

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One response to “Shopping and Babies!

  1. Barbara

    Great pictures! Especially of Everett sleeping with your mom; I’m sure she really loved it!

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