Movies, Thanksgiving and Fun!

Happy Holidays everybody!!  The season is in full swing & I find myself behind on my blogs.  We have been doing well around here.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family & we have both of our trees up & decorated for Christmas.  Here are some highlights from the last 2 weeks

The day that Twilight Breaking Dawn came out in theaters we had to go see it!  My dad even took a half day off from work so we could go as a family.  Most people know that my mom is not a huge Twilight fan, but she takes one for the team & goes with us every time.  So, we got some nice family time in with my dad & sister at the movies!

Mom and I outside of theater. Doesn't she look thrilled? haha

Ahhh. She is so cute

And of course we had our first snowfall of the season.  It has already melted away (which I LOVE) but I am sure it will be back soon.  So far the season has been very “wheelchair friendly” to us.  I hope that it holds out

View from our Family Room window

And now we are on to Thanksgiving.  This year we changed it up a little bit and went to my Aunt Sam & Uncle Jeff’s house.  My Grandpa Kast (who I write about all of the time) is here in MN this year.  It has been more than a decade since we have had him in MN for the holidays.  It made the day very special!  My mom’s brother John stopped over for dessert with my cousins a little later…but the pictures on my camera did not work.  Here are some highlights!

Thanksgiving 2011

Aunt Sam & Grandpa Kast

Ross, Jenna, Roger, Kelly, Jeff, Sam, Grandpa & Mama Jules

Jenna learned how to make gravy

Such a fun day & so much to be thankful for!  Thank you Sam & Jeff for having us!

And last but not least, Jenna has been gearing up for her Swarm season that begins in January.  She loves dancing with her friends/teammates every Monday at practice.  Here are a couple of Jenna pics from this season’s photo shoot

Sassy Jenna

Fun Jenna

2012 SPT!

If you are interested in purchasing game tickets or checking out the Swarm or Swarm Performance Team go to

That is my random post for the day!  Hope you could keep up!  I look forward to updating more soon.  I will try to be better!

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