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Ho Ho Hospital

Hi everybody. As most of you know…we are in the ICU again. When my mom and I woke up yesterday, I rolled her & noticed that persistent crazy rash on her bottom & upper thighs had appeared again. My heart immediately sank. Her skin was extremely warm to the touch & the chills were beginning. There was no way around it…off to the ER we went!
Both my dad and sister were at work so Catey Alvarez (our friend & home health aid) came with my mom & I to begin the check in/waiting process. After a couple of hours wait, Catey & myself helped hoyer lift my mom into her hospital bed & the tests began. By then my dad had arrived so he was here with me into the evening. They did blood work, urine, chest x ray & CT scan. The ER was extremely busy…so we waited, waited & waited. My sister showed up at 8 & we sent my dad home since he was going to work today. Poor guy is exhausted as usual. We didn’t get admitted into the hospital until 10:00pm & I was home by 11:00. Jenna stayed the night with mama Jules since it landed on my night off. I was so grateful to get a good nights rest. Thank you Jenna!!! Now I am back & it is mom & I together again. The diagnosis is Cellulitis with mild pneumonia. We are not sure of the exact plan. We will be here for at least a few days. Such a bummer!
We appreciate all of the continued prayers! These set backs don’t help. We continue to keep our spirits up.
I will try to keep the updates coming!
Xoxo, Kelly

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