Daily Archives: December 8, 2011

Quick Update

Day 3 in the hospital and things are looking up.  My mom’s rash is fading, which means that the antibiotics are working.  She seems to have more spunk today & is showing signs of boredom.  This usually means she is back to her normal self.  My mom hates just lying around and watching TV.  Hanging out in a hospital room can drive you a bit crazy.  We don’t know of a discharge date yet.  My family doesn’t really even ask because we want to make sure this thing is taken care of before we go.  Our main focus upon arriving back home will be keeping my mom’s immune system up to fight bacteria off.  Cellulitis can be a reoccurring thing…..and we can’t be in the hospital every month.  That would be no fun!  I am assuming we will be here another couple of days.  Between my dad, sister & I…..one of us is always with my mom.  I am mostly here because my dad and sister both had to work today.  My dad will come give me a couple of hours tonight & Jenna will give me a couple tomorrow.

That is about it.  Thank you for the continued prayers & positive energy!



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