Home Tomorrow ?!?!

Well everybody, it looks like we could be home tomorrow!  My mom’s rash is completely gone & her vitals seem to be good.  She is currently experiencing a little bit of high blood pressure…..so we hope that goes down & we will be ready tomorrow.  The doctor said if all goes well…that will be the plan!  Yay!  Jenna just came over to give me the afternoon off.  Thanks Jenna!  Now I am back for what will hopefully be our last night in the hospital.  We can’t get out of here soon enough.  The boredom is driving mama Jules crazy!  Oh, and thank you Pastor Roger for coming to visit us!  You were the highlight of the day!

Please continue to pray for good health for Mama Jules!  We really appreciate it!

xoxo, Kelly


Filed under Decber 2011

2 responses to “Home Tomorrow ?!?!

  1. Barbara Anderson

    Keeping my fingers crossed for home tomorrow!!

  2. Joey Omlie

    Yeah! So glad you are going home tomorrow. Love you, Mark and Joey

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