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Getting in the Holiday Spirit!

Since being in the hospital, we are trying to make up for a lost week (in December) by getting all of our presents purchased, plans organized & fun Christmas activities done!  Here are a couple of highlights from our month (pre-hospital & post-hospital).

Every now and then we meet at my grandpa’s place on a Friday and have a little pizza party.  These pics are from right before the hospital.  My mom and I had gotten him a little tree so he could get into the holiday spirit!

Jenna posing with the tree

Gramps enjoying his pizza. He is so cute!

The following week (when mama Jules was in the hospital) my aunt and uncle accompanied my grandpa to his holiday party where he lives.  I just think this picture is super cute!  I am glad to see him so happy & embracing living in MN

Next up, Macy’s 8th floor.  Most Minnesotan’s know about the 8th floor display downtown.  When Macy’s used to be Dayton’s and Marshall Fields the displays were beautiful and a holiday tradition for most families.  Since Macy’s has taken over, the display has been repeated for the last few years….but we still go for the “tradition”.  We always go with my mom’s friend Amy & this year Catey & Cheryl joined us as well.  We finished with lunch in the sky room.  It was the perfect day!

Group pic

Cheryl & Catey

Amy having fun!

And last but not least, here are some more pictures from Jenna’s cookie party.  We had a blast as usual!  Great party baby bird!

The Cookie Crew


Dental Hygiene ladies

SPT ladies

EP ladies

Crazy Ladies!

Loving Mama Jules

Fun Pic

As you can see…we had a great time!  Thank you Amy for taking such great pictures!

Yesterday I was able to get together with my besties for a cookie exchange.  We forgot to take a picture.  Oops!  That rarely happens!   Today we are off to my cousin Aaron’s birthday party in St. Paul.  Let the partying continue!

Happy Holidays Everybody!  There may not be any snow here….but that is ok with us!  MN is so “wheelchair friendly” right now.  Love it!!


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