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Christmas Blessings!

We hope that everybody had a wonderful Christmas!  We had a fantastic & BUSY holiday here.  On Christmas Eve we headed over to Jenna’s house & celebrated with family & friends.  On Christmas day we had all of our family over to the Eagle house!  I have been a little behind updating the happenings around here.  My mom has been off of her antibiotics for about 5 days now….and she seems to be doing great!  We appreciate the continued prayers to keep her bacteria free!  We are all on pins & needles around here hoping her cellulitis does not come back.  We are trying to take excellent care of her skin to prevent any cracks from dryness due to the winter season.

Ok, so about 2 weeks ago we headed over to my uncle John’s house to celebrate my cousin Aaron’s 18th birthday.  We usually can never make it because of snow being on the ground & their house being extremely hard to get in to.  This year the elements were perfect, no snow & 50 degrees!  We decided to go for it!  My mom was dangling off her ramp at one point…but we managed to get her in somehow.  I still look back & can’t believe it.  That was a toughie!  Here are a few pics from that night!

The Eagle/Kast crew. Birthday boy in the middle!

The guys watching some football

The following Monday my “bestie” Kate Schmidtlein Florer was in town with her entire family (Sister & brothers) for the baptism of their new addition Everett.  My mom & I were excited that we were able to attend such a special event.  We all went to D’Brian’s after for brunch.  What a fun day!!!

Mama Jules & Kate!

Mama Jules & Everett! We get a little crazy with our picture ideas!

Baby Everett napping through brunch

That will be my quick check-in for today!  I will update soon with pictures from Christmas!  I am in the process of trying to organized all of that fun stuff.  We hope that everybody had a wonderful Christmas & look forward to a Happy New Year!!!

xoxo, Kelly

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