Hi Everybody!

Hi Everyone!  Did you miss us?  I am not sure why I have gone through such a blogging drought.  Maybe it was because I have been dealing with a terrible cold & a slight case of the stomach flu.  All is better now…and we are getting back into a normal routine.

Yesterday we went to see “The Descendants” with our Godmother Mary.  It was a really great movie!  We all enjoyed it.  It was also nice to look at such beautiful Hawaiian scenery when we are stuck here in the dead of winter.  Snow is finally sticking to the ground here in MN & the temperatures have plummeted.  I can’t really complain, because we have been very spoiled here thus far.  It couldn’t last forever!

Jenna’s Swarm season starts this weekend & we are excited to attend their home opener.  The games are really fun & exciting to go to.  It also helps that we get great handicap season tickets for free!  If you are a Minnesotan & have never been to a game….you should go!  Here is the link to check them out: http://www.mnswarm.com.  I know that my family & I look forward to attending all of the home games!  We are section 119 if you want to stop by and visit :).

We still visit with my grandpa (my mom’s dad) about 3 days a week.  We enjoy chatting with him, watching Ellen & having dinner.  He still seems in good spirits & not too mad about being stuck in MN through the winter.  I know he would love to be in FL…but realizes it isn’t possible right now.  I would hate for him to not be here because he makes my mom laugh so much!  I just love it!

That is about all for now.  My mom continues to be in good health with no signs of cellulitis coming back.  Please continue praying for her!  We LOVE staying away from the hospital!

Thanks for the love and support!


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