Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Hello Friends,

As most of our friends & family know by now….we are in the hospital again with Cellulitis.  On Monday my mom went from looking great, to having the chills really badly within a matter of minutes.  After I had bundled her up with blankets, the chills continued & I knew that I should start searching for the dreaded rash on her body.  As I lifted up her blankets…there it was.  Her upper right thigh was starting to turn a shade of pink & I just knew that it wrapped around to her pressure sore on her bottom.  It has been three months since our last ER visit & we have been so proud of the fact that my mom has been doing so well.  This was a huge bummer.  After calling my dad to let him know…we packed up & headed out.  The ER wasn’t too busy which was a bonus.  My mom’s temp was 103 & her chills continued to be pretty bad.  After the usual blood work & tests run, we transferred up to the ICU & that is where we reside now.

Mom & Dad in the ER. Doesn't she look thrilled that I found this a great photo-op?

My mom was pretty exhausted the first night & her blood pressure was really low, but she is now feeling a lot better.  We also had a really hard time getting an IV in her.  Both of her arms are pretty bruised up from all the pokes.

My mom's hand after an IV was not in all of the way. Her arm swelled up & she is now working on re-absorbing all the fluid.

I spent the first night with her & Jenna spent last night with her.  My dad is taking a couple of days off work this time, and he will be spending the night tonight.  I really appreciate having them more available this time.  I think I was a bit overwhelmed the last time we were here…because they both had to work.  I went a little stir crazy & was severely lacking in a good nights sleep.  I feel much for refreshed this time.  Whew!

Thank you for all of the prayers & well wishes.  I am thinking we will be here for a couple of more days.  I think it will be the usual drill.  We will go home with 2 weeks of oral antibiotics & hope for the best!  Thank you to the amazing nurses here at Methodist!  It is comforting to know so many of them & they know us.  They adapt to our crazy family quite well!



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3 responses to “Where Everybody Knows Your Name

  1. joan

    julie, you and your family are in my prayers, speedy recovery and to get back home. love you cousin Julie joan

  2. Judy McGraw

    To all the Eagle Clan: I think about you often and my prayers are always coming your way. I hope you have a very short time in the hospital and you are back home soon Julie. You are all remarkable!!

  3. Gretchen Norqual

    Thinking of you and hoping for better days. Sending our love
    to all, Gretchen and Jack

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