Out and About

Well, we have been out of the hospital for a few weeks now & doing very well.  My mom’s cellulitis responded very well to the antibiotics & now we start over again.  We appreciate the continued prayers for my mom!  This time we will have an antibiotic re-fill available if we start to see my mom showing early symptoms.  That could work out great for us!  We will keep our fingers crossed!

We have been up to all sorts of stuff around here.  Last week we got out of the house for several walks in the record-breaking MN weather!  It is awesome to be out walking in March!  One day we walked through Jenna’s neighborhood & then did manicures on her front step.  Heaven!

Jenna sitting on her neighborhood sign

Manicures in the sunshine

My dad has also been out doing some car shopping.  We took my mom around with us one day to a bunch of dealerships so my dad could show her what he was thinking about getting.  My mom doesn’t get very excited about cars…but she was a good sport.  He ended up getting a black Kia Optima & he is happy as can be!

Dad shopping for cars

2 weekends ago I went to Iowa to visit with my friend Kate & her family.  Our friend Michelle was flying in from Colorado to meet Kate’s little baby.  It was great to get an opportunity to visit with all of them!

And that brings us to last weekend.  St. Patrick’s day!  I got to drive down to Owatonna for the night to hang out with some friends.  Catey & Randy were having a party & then we hit the bar scene for a bit.  Who knew Owatonna had such night life?  We had a blast!

And that is about all for now folks.  Now that spring is here….we anticipate being out and about a lot!  I will try to do a good job keeping you updated.  For now, Mama Jules is healthy and happy enjoying the season!  Thank you for checking in!

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  1. joan leistiko

    so glad to hear Julie is doing better, the weather has been amazing!!!!! I will keep you guys all in my prayers for continued health and joy. love you joan

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