Let the Hunger Games Begin!

This past week has been fun for Mama Jules! We have stayed really busy doing various activities & visiting with family and friends.  We managed to go for several walks in the BEAUTIFUL weather and enjoyed seeing all the new signs of spring.

My dad kissing my mom in the car before we head over to the pond for our walk

My mom's view from her bed! Spring is here!

On Saturday I went over to my friend Dana’s house to do some grilling.  We hadn’t been able to catch up in a while…so it was a ton of fun.  Thank you Dana & Aaron for a great dinner!  I loved getting to hang out with their little guy Kellan.  He has grown up so much since I last saw him!

Kellan, Dana & I

Yesterday my mom and I went to see the Hunger Games with our friend Amy!  We loved it!!!!  I think I will have to go see that one again.  My dad decided he needed to go right when we got home & headed out.  Jenna had seen it a few days before.  I guess that you could say my whole family is loving the Games!

That is a quick update for now!  Let’s hope this week is as much fun as last week! 🙂


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