Girlie Time!!

As most of you know through FB (since everybody is obsessed with me…haha), I recently went to Colorado for a super fun 4 day girlie weekend.  While I was gone my dad and sister pulled together to take care of Mama Jules.  I am happy to report that all went well!  My mom has been feeling great lately & we all seem to be healthy and happy.  Thank you dad and Jenna for allowing me some respite!

The day before I left we got out for a walk with our friends Catey and Amy.  That whole week I had been trying to keep us busy since I knew my mom would have to stay in bed the 4 days I was gone.

Mom, Catey and Amy

Myself and Mama Jules

The next day I was off to Frisco, CO.  3 of us ladies were flying from MN, one from IA, one from KS and 2 were from Denver.  It was so much fun.  Thank you Maura Mackintosh and Kate Florer for hosting!!  Here are a few pics

Just off the plane and heading up into the mountains. (myself and Hilary)

Kate is ready to party it up in the mountains

The group in Vail the following day

Out for the night on “Cinco de Mayo”. Sorry Dana…had to post this one!

Dinner before all the craziness began

Dinner in Frisco

View from the home we were staying in.

Thanks ladies for a wonderful trip!!

After I got back from my trip, our schedule was booked.  We have been out every day and keeping extremely busy.  We had an appointment with my mom’s infectious disease doctor and were able to get 5 refills for antibiotic when/if her cellulitis comes back.  This is really exciting!!  It means we will avoid having a 5 day hospital stays again.  Thank the Lord!!!

Last Saturday my mom and I went to Aimee Reller’s bridal shower.  Aimee is one of Jenna’s “besties” and she is going to be one of her bridesmaids next month!  It was such a fun shower.  Congrats Aimee!

At the shower. Caitlin, Aimee & Jenna

Aimee practicing cutting the cake!

That evening we went to the Swarm game.  The Swarm had won their first playoff game the weekend before…so MN was hosting the division finals that night!  It was great to have another game….even though we didn’t play very well.  That’s ok.  We are proud of your fantastic season Swarm!!  We can’t wait for next year!

Jenna shaking her thing one last time!

And last up….Mother’s Day!  We were all completely exhausted from such a busy week/weekend, but we knew we had to find a fun way to honor our mom.  We like to think that we honor her every day….but why not honor her some more?  So, after doing card presentation and giving mom her hanging plant gift we headed out for a Mother’s Day walk.  The weather was perfect and we had a lovely time.  I think Mama Jules had a great time!

Jenna reading Mama Jules her card. After we had to argue about which card was better (of course mine was! haha).

I think that will be it for now.  This post has taken me 3 days to write.  Life is crazy around here!  I hope that all the Mothers out there had a very Happy Mother’s Day!  I know that being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there.  I know that I could not ask for a better mom.  I honor her every day by showing her my love in return.  We make quite a pair!

xoxo, Kelly

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