Julie’s Vacation!

This last weekend we had the pleasure of bringing Mama Jules up to the Narloch’s cabin.  The Narloch’s are my sister’s in-laws & they have a gorgeous cabin up north at Fifty Lakes on Fox Lake.  We made this trip last year, and re-lived the experience again!  We are able to do this because Brainard Medical supply allows us to rent a hospital bed and hoyer lift.  They even deliver!  Here is a little photo journal of our “mini” adventure.

We got the car packed to the brim with medical supplies & shoved dad in the back.  Jenna and Ross were in the car ahead of us.

Dad doesn’t look thrilled about his lack of room. I love mom’s smile here! We are off!

The drive should have been about 2 1/2 hours, but I ran over a nail at some point and we got a flat tire.  So, we had to change the tire to a donut.  We were not thrilled about the idea since we weighed so much with the car being packed to the brim (mom’s wheelchair weighs 500 lbs alone) but it worked out in the end!

Tire is changed!

Jenna made me re-take the picture because she said she is the exciting part

We are fun!

After arriving 1/2 hour later at the Narloch’s we unloaded all of our gear, got settled & enjoyed a wonderful dinner!  Mom made it 9 hours in her wheelchair this day.   That was a crazy long time for her!

Dinner is served!

After dinner it was time to get mom back into bed & dad to take a little nap.  Sleeping pictures of my dad are a classic must have.

Ahh. So comfortable

Dad showing us how it is done

The next day we relaxed by the lake, went into town for a bit & enjoyed water sports!

Jenna and Ross

Dad mastering the art of relaxing

Jenna got her first bee sting. That was drama filled!

Mom had a great view of the lake

Dad dragging Jenna around on the jet ski.

After dinner that night we drove down to a local resort to watch the sun set and have some drinks.  Worked out great!


Mom and her favorite daughter! hehe. J/k

The group

The sunset

The Guys

The Happy Couple 🙂

Thank you Narloch’s for a wonderful weekend!  We had a great time!!!!

I am a little behind on posts….so I will update some other things we have been up to soon!




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3 responses to “Julie’s Vacation!

  1. Barbara Anderson

    What a great time! Roger, you seem to have mastered the art of relaxing! Hope to see you all soon!

  2. Judy McGraw

    What a wonderful trip. The weather looked beautiful and your family is so wonderful. Kelly, you are a true inspiration every time I read your posts. Happy Summer!

  3. Sam and Jeff

    Looks like a fab time on the lake. Good thing the weather cooperated. How lucky you are to have such an opportunity for Julie to enjoy the great outdoors. We are so happy for you.

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