Thank you!!

It looks like the numbers are in for team “Julie’s Eagle wings”!  As a team we managed to raise $1,820 surpassing our goal of $1,500 for the Walk to D’feet ALS!  Thank you so much to everybody that donated and participated.  It was another wonderful year….and we all had such a fantastic time.  Here are some pics from the big day 2 weeks ago.


Look at that group!  Dogs included!


Jenna giving Mama Jules some lovin.


Jenna’s friends Mel and Karin.


Myself and my friends Catey and Lindsay


Uncle John, Barbara and Cousin Shawna


Myself giving Mama Jules some Lovin

ImageSister Pic!


Daddy Rog trying to stay warm!

Jenna and her two loves

Thank you again to everybody for a wonderful walk!  Mama Jules felt very LOVED along with our whole family.  Xoxo

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