Living and Loving Life!

Hello everybody!  Time has flown by again and it is time for me to update the happenings of the Eagle family.  Mama Jules is doing fantastic and we are so thankful.  It has been about 9 months now since her last bout with Cellulitis.  The hospital is becoming a distant memory!  Yay!

Our entry brings us all the way back to September.  September is a crazy birthday month for us.  I feel like I was celebrating every weekend!!  This includes my own birthday!  Woot Woot!  My nephew Julian’s bday is a couple of days before me…so we headed over to Brooklyn Center as a family to have a little pizza party.  Brooklyn Center has the last Rocky Rococo’s in MN and it has always been a family favorite.  Mmmmmm……Pizza……..

Julian (birthday boy) and Jordan

Family pic. This was after 5 attempts. Getting a bunch of guys to smile naturally at the camera is harder than I thought!

Jenna and the birthday boy

I just LOVE my nephews!  They are such wonderful boys!!

So, that weekend I went out for a little birthday celebration for myself with some besties.  We got a hotel room and headed over the Nye’s in NE Minneapolis for a night on the town!  I felt very loved this birthday and always appreciate the love from my family and friends.  It always makes getting older a little easier!

Catey and I hitting up the photo booth

Catey, Linds and I

Thanks girls for a fun night!

A couple of days later our friend Amy took me out to Pairings for a birthday lunch!  Pairings has become a favorite around here!  Thank you Amy!

Group pic to prove just how much fun we are having! haha

My mom and I got our flu shots from my Brother in Law Ross.  He makes sure we always get the preservative free! He probably thinks I am crazy for documenting the moment…but we had fun!



Next up…..Grandpa Eagle came to town for a weekend visit.  He is 95 years old and still makes the 10 hour drive from the U.P. to come and see us.  We always love having him.  He is such a cutie!

Gramps and the girls

Gramps and the fam-bam. (I don’t think mom was very excited about this picture)

A couple of weekends ago Jenna headed to Hollywood to visit a college friend that she danced with.  She had a great time and appreciated a girlie weekend away!

Jenna in Beverly Hills

Hiking with her friend Carolyn in the Hollywood Hills


Next up: Halloween.  My mom and I went over to my Grandpa’s assisted living home for their Halloween Happy Hour.  I knew that they would be dressing up…so we picked up a witch headband for my gramps.  He was reluctant at first, but eventually embraced it.  The party was fun & we got to listen to a polka band.  My grandpa LOVES music, so he was in heaven.  It is fun to see the older people singing to their favorite songs.  I think my mom and I fit in pretty well over there!

Mom and Gramps

Gramps asked me to take a bonus picture of him outside

I managed to make it to a Halloween party of my own.  So fun!

Hitting the bars in Owatonna!

Jenna and Ross dressed Jack up as a rufferee.  This picture is too cute not to throw in!

Doesn’t he just steal your heart?

And I think that we will end on that adorable note.  My mom and I are off to meet some friends at Green Mill.  We hope that everybody gets out and votes tomorrow!  My mom and I will be hitting the poles.  If we can… can!  And if you live in Minnesota:

Xoxo, Kelly


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  1. joan leistiko

    been so long glad to hear that your all doing alright, kelly get back to me on meeting at moa, time is passing here as well thank you joan, do you need my phone number? Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2012 19:17:49 +0000 To:

  2. joan leistiko

    From: Subject: Fw: Too precious not to share

  3. joan leistiko

    I know we have all heard ole and lena jokes, but they are timeless i think, enjoy love ya joan From: Subject: Fw: OHMYGOSH, I’M STILL LAUGHING~!!!!!!! :))))

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    From: Subject: Fw: Fwd: Ole & Sven working at the Airport

  6. joan leistiko

    ok, I like sven and ole, they are the best.. joanFrom: Subject: Fwd: OLE from MINNESOTA ~~~

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    From: Subject: Fw: A Gingham Dress – a true story…don’t judge a book by its cover

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