Picture Update!

I have about a million trillion pictures I could update you with since I have allowed a couple of months to pass again.  I think I will start with a small chunk dating back to September, and go from there!  My mom is still in great health.  She just keeps chugging along!  I try to get her out of the house at least 5 days a week….especially before the snow starts flying!  Shopping is still her favorite thing to do along with hanging out with her friends.  Here we go!

My cousin Shawna turned 15 in September!  She had a beautiful quincenera where my uncle escorted her in.  She looked absolutely beautiful!  At one point in the party she lit 15 candles to pass to the most influential people in her life until this point.  Mama Jules is her Godmother and was honored to get a candle.  I was also honored with a candle.  It brought me (and all of us) to tears!  We are so proud of you Shawna!  You have grown into a beautiful young woman!

Uncle John escorting Shawna

Uncle John escorting Shawna


The candle receivers!

The candle receivers!

Next up was my nephew Julian’s birthday!  Rocky Rococo’s is our favorite pizza place and there is one left in MN.  It has become a tradition to go there when the boys have a birthday!

Jenna, Ross and Nate

Jenna, Ross and Nate

IMG_1222 IMG_1219

Our attempt at a group pic! lol

Our attempt at a group pic! lol

Next up was my bday!  Some friends and I visited local wineries in Waconia for some tasting.  It was so much fun!

IMG_1246 IMG_1247 IMG_1255 IMG_1269

My Godmother and friend Amy took Mama Jules and I to Crave to celebrate as well!


Jenna and I ran my first 5 k together and it happened to be for ALS!  I enjoyed training with my sister weeks before the event.  Running has become something that I really enjoy!  Who knew?

IMG_1277 IMG_1285 IMG_1286 IMG_1289


And last but not least, Grandpa Eagle drove down to MN from UP Michigan to visit us.  At 97 years old, I don’t know how he does it!  It was so wonderful having him here!!!

Eating at Houlihan's with Family!

Eating at Houlihan’s with Family!


Had to throw this one in.  Dad caught a cold :(.  I always love a good Rog sleeping pic!

Had to throw this one in. Dad caught a cold :(. I always love a good Rog sleeping pic!


IMG_1240 IMG_1242




And that will be it for now!  Thank you for checking in with us!!!!  We are so blessed to have our family and friends and each other.  xoxo, Kelly

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