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Family – Gotta Love Them!

It has been another fun couple of weeks around here.  My mom and I have been getting out TONS!!  I have had a couple of fun girlie nights with friends, we have attended Swarm games 3 weekends in a row, we saw princess Diana’s dresses at MOA & topped it off with a big party for Grandpa Kast’s 87th birthday yesterday!  Here are some pics from all we have been up to!

Mom, myself, Cheryl, Amy, Louann, Catey & Dorathy at the Princess Diana exhibit. Princess Di was always one of my mom's favorites!

One of her Tiara's! The jewels were GORGEOUS!!

Her wedding cake! (duplicate..duh!)

Next up….Swarm game pics!  Jenna was also “Girl of the Week” and “Girl of the Game”  at the last game.  Click the link below if you would like to read her little interview & see more pics!

Jenna Interview


Jenna's in-laws, her husband Ross, and my mom and dad waiting for the Swarm game to begin!!

Jenna cheering on the team as they enter the field

Get that crowd going!

Taking the field. Jenna is far left!

Next up….Grandpa Kast’s birthday barbecue.  Yesterday was the perfect day to have everybody over to our house!

Shawna, Aaron, Uncle John & Barbara with Mama Jules

Birthday Boy

Grandpa’s Birthday Video!

Uncle John with Grandpa and Pat

Pat and Grandpa. It was so much fun having Pat join us! It was a fun little reunion 😉

Jenna, Sylvia (our cousin Lindsay's daughter) and myself. We are showing off our maternal sides! haha

Aunt Sam, Lindsay, Jared & Uncle Jeff

That is all for today!  I am heading to CO this weekend for some “ladies weekend” fun!  Mom and I will be buzzing around town all week trying to get everything in shape for Jenna and Dad this weekend!  Thanks for letting me go family!!!

xoxo, Kelly




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