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Hospital Adventures

As most of our friends and family know, my mom has been in the hospital the past couple of days.  After having such a wonderful weekend up north, it was a bummer having to head to the emergency room on Tuesday.  My mom started showing symptoms of infection the day that we came home from the cabin.  When we got her back into bed we noticed that she had a fever and a rash was developing on her right leg.  At that time, we just assumed that it was an allergic reaction of some sort & the fever was her way of fighting it off.  On Monday my mom slept most of the day (which is very strange for her) and the rash had grown a little bit in size.  By that evening it seemed her fever had broken and she was feeling a little better.  I was confident at that time that she was heading onward and upward.  Tuesday morning my mom woke with a fever again & the rash had grown to cover her entire leg.  When her nurse showed up to check her INR she touched the rash & said that a rash that is hot to the touch is not good.  We decided then to make a trip to the emergency room.  My dad was able to take off work & come with us & we were off.  After several hours in the Emergency room (I am sure that most of you know how that goes!) it was determined we should check my mom into the hospital & start her on antibiotics.  The overall diagnosis has been Cellulitis.  It is a skin infection that can become extremely serious if not treated right away.  We are lucky that we got her in on time & didn’t decide to wait it out.  The past couple of days we have been hanging out at the hospital & the antibiotics seem to be working.  The rash has decreased in size, but is still there.  We just had a consult with her doctor & decided to stay another night.  She said that getting antibiotics through an IV for one more day would be beneficial & my mom doesn’t seem too anxious to get home.  The nurses here (at Methodist hospital ICU) are amazing!!  After seeing how great they are, I have been able to sit back & let them do most of the rolling with my mom.  They also take excellent care of her skin to keep her from getting bed sores.  It is comforting to know that she is getting such excellent care.  And at Methodist I get a nice reclining chair to sleep in versus when we were at HCMC and I had to sleep in my mom’s wheelchair.  This is so much more comfortable!

We encouraged my dad to continue going to work today and yesterday & he has been stopping over to give me time off later in the day.  My sister Jenna has also been here to give me a break.  Team Eagle has pulled together like we always do!

Mom's Cellulitis on the first day we checked in. Yuck!

Mom hanging in her hospital room.

Thank you for all of the kind messages & prayers on Facebook!  I always read them to my mom & they brighten her spirits & encourage that smile that we all love!  I am about 90% sure that we will be leaving tomorrow.  Just in time for the weekend!  Yay!

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Exploring Minnesota

This past weekend we took my mom up north to “Fifty Lakes” to spend the weekend at my sister’s in-law’s cabin. Thank you Randy and Louann for having us!  We were able to rent her a hospital bed & hoyer lift, so she was really comfortable.  This was her first trip in 5 years, and it meant so much to us!  Our car was packed to the rim with medical supplies and back-ups, but we managed not to forget anything.  This post is mostly going to be pictures from our weekend.  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  Enjoy!

Jenna & Dad stashed in the back of our handicap van

Mom and I riding in the front

Mom's view from her hospital bed. Pretty great!

Dad enjoying his view

Randy, Louann & Jenna. Getting ready for dinner!

Spending some time hanging by the lake

Jenna & Ross

Another view of the lake

Dad, Randy & Jenna enjoying their sweet corn

Randy & Dad enjoying the dock

The Eagle Ladies

Quick picture before our trip home! I think I caught everybody mid-movement

As you can see, we had a great time!  Now we are relaxing & trying to get everything put back away.  It was a very special weekend, and I am so happy we were able to get my mom out to do something different.  She had a wonderful time!


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This week has been so gorgeous!  We have been walking…walking….walking!  I thank God for the decrease in humidity and temps.  They have allowed for perfect days outside.

My mom has been doing great lately.  Last week we thought she might be getting a little bug of some sort, but that is all long gone.  Her eyes have been bright & her smiles have been big.

Yesterday we walked through my sister’s new neighborhood with her.  Her neighborhood is very spaced out & has great walking paths.  It is nice to have a fun new place to walk!  It is very peaceful where she lives.

Mama Jules & Jenna

Quick stop so mom can ask Jenna a question

Jenna wanted to get this pic because her favorite bridge in her neighborhood is in the background.

Last night I got to dine with my friend Catey at Redstone.  The back porch was packed & you could feel how excited everybody was about the weather.  I just love a good night outdoors with a glass of wine!  Perfect!


Talk with you more soon!

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Make New Friends…But Keep The Old!

This past weekend I had to pleasure of reuniting with my two closest friends in college.  It has been 9 years!!!  I cannot believe that we let so much time pass before getting together.  Again, my sister & dad stepped up to the plate to help with mama Jules so I could relax and have the entire weekend off.  It sounds like everything went well here at home & my mom was in good spirits when I got home!

Vintage pic of mom & Jenna back in the day

On my way to Des Moines, I stopped in Ankeny to visit with my bestie Kate Schmidtlein Florer and her family.  Kate is pregnant and due in a couple of weeks, so I knew this would be my last opportunity to see her fully prego!  She looks so great & I can’t wait to meet the little man!

Kate showing off her belly!

Ahhh. We have been friends since we were 4 years old!

Next it was off to Ankeny to meet up with my college besties Teresa Baumann & Heather Voland!  Like I said, it has been 9 years so we had way too much to catch up on!  We mostly enjoyed hanging out at Teresa’s house & catching up.  We did manage to squeeze a little shopping in & and night out at a country bar.  It was simply perfect!  I cannot wait until the next time I get to see these wonderful ladies.  I will put a couple of college pics below.  I think that we had a little too much fun back in the day!  I have so many crazy fun memories with these ladies!

Heather, Teresa & I baking in our sorority's kitchen

My 21st birthday! I introduced Teresa to the man in this picture (Jeremy) and they have now been married for 10 years!

Teresa and I

Heather, Teresa & I present day

Thank you so much Teresa for having us!  It was the perfect little reunion!  Had so much fun!

And that about sums up our family for the past few days.  Today we are back to reality & watching some more rain coming in.  It looks like the rest of the days this week are going to be beautiful!  My mom and I look forward to getting some long walks in!

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