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Christmas Blessings!

We hope that everybody had a wonderful Christmas!  We had a fantastic & BUSY holiday here.  On Christmas Eve we headed over to Jenna’s house & celebrated with family & friends.  On Christmas day we had all of our family over to the Eagle house!  I have been a little behind updating the happenings around here.  My mom has been off of her antibiotics for about 5 days now….and she seems to be doing great!  We appreciate the continued prayers to keep her bacteria free!  We are all on pins & needles around here hoping her cellulitis does not come back.  We are trying to take excellent care of her skin to prevent any cracks from dryness due to the winter season.

Ok, so about 2 weeks ago we headed over to my uncle John’s house to celebrate my cousin Aaron’s 18th birthday.  We usually can never make it because of snow being on the ground & their house being extremely hard to get in to.  This year the elements were perfect, no snow & 50 degrees!  We decided to go for it!  My mom was dangling off her ramp at one point…but we managed to get her in somehow.  I still look back & can’t believe it.  That was a toughie!  Here are a few pics from that night!

The Eagle/Kast crew. Birthday boy in the middle!

The guys watching some football

The following Monday my “bestie” Kate Schmidtlein Florer was in town with her entire family (Sister & brothers) for the baptism of their new addition Everett.  My mom & I were excited that we were able to attend such a special event.  We all went to D’Brian’s after for brunch.  What a fun day!!!

Mama Jules & Kate!

Mama Jules & Everett! We get a little crazy with our picture ideas!

Baby Everett napping through brunch

That will be my quick check-in for today!  I will update soon with pictures from Christmas!  I am in the process of trying to organized all of that fun stuff.  We hope that everybody had a wonderful Christmas & look forward to a Happy New Year!!!

xoxo, Kelly

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Getting in the Holiday Spirit!

Since being in the hospital, we are trying to make up for a lost week (in December) by getting all of our presents purchased, plans organized & fun Christmas activities done!  Here are a couple of highlights from our month (pre-hospital & post-hospital).

Every now and then we meet at my grandpa’s place on a Friday and have a little pizza party.  These pics are from right before the hospital.  My mom and I had gotten him a little tree so he could get into the holiday spirit!

Jenna posing with the tree

Gramps enjoying his pizza. He is so cute!

The following week (when mama Jules was in the hospital) my aunt and uncle accompanied my grandpa to his holiday party where he lives.  I just think this picture is super cute!  I am glad to see him so happy & embracing living in MN

Next up, Macy’s 8th floor.  Most Minnesotan’s know about the 8th floor display downtown.  When Macy’s used to be Dayton’s and Marshall Fields the displays were beautiful and a holiday tradition for most families.  Since Macy’s has taken over, the display has been repeated for the last few years….but we still go for the “tradition”.  We always go with my mom’s friend Amy & this year Catey & Cheryl joined us as well.  We finished with lunch in the sky room.  It was the perfect day!

Group pic

Cheryl & Catey

Amy having fun!

And last but not least, here are some more pictures from Jenna’s cookie party.  We had a blast as usual!  Great party baby bird!

The Cookie Crew


Dental Hygiene ladies

SPT ladies

EP ladies

Crazy Ladies!

Loving Mama Jules

Fun Pic

As you can see…we had a great time!  Thank you Amy for taking such great pictures!

Yesterday I was able to get together with my besties for a cookie exchange.  We forgot to take a picture.  Oops!  That rarely happens!   Today we are off to my cousin Aaron’s birthday party in St. Paul.  Let the partying continue!

Happy Holidays Everybody!  There may not be any snow here….but that is ok with us!  MN is so “wheelchair friendly” right now.  Love it!!


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Ho Ho Home!!!

Well, Mama Jules is home from the hospital!  We arrived home yesterday & Jules is feeling great again.  We will be on a 10 day course of continued antibiotics & then she is on her own to continue fighting bacteria.  We will be trying to take extra good care of her skin & keeping any small abrasions/skin cracks well looked after.  If you have a compromised immune system, those pesky bacteria can creep in & make the cellulitis reoccurring.  It is very common for people who have had cellulitis to get it back.  We appreciate continued prayers for my mom & her health.  We may LOVE the nurses at Methodist in the ICU, but we don’t need to see them again for a very long time!

When we first decided heading to the ER was going to be a must, our heart sank a little more because we knew that my mom would probably miss Jenna’s Annual Christmas cookie party on Saturday.  This is Jenna’s 5th year hosting it, and my mom goes every year.  It is an important part of our Christmas traditions!  So, when we found out late in the week Mama Jules would probably be discharged on Saturday……we got a little excited!  So, yesterday I had the nurses hunting down the doctor in the morning to give us the approval to leave.  It is hard on Saturday…because you don’t have the normal doctor staff.  As the hours were ticking away…we cut it close.  After all the morning stress….we arrived to Jenna’s in the nick of time & enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon with her friends!  It was the perfect way to end a “not so fun” week.  Click on the link below if you are interested in seeing a 1 minute video from the party!

Christmas Cookie Party 2011

Mama Jules, Jenna & Myself!

I will post more pictures later as they come rolling in!

Thank you everybody for checking in with us….and your constant love and support!  You have all made our week in the hospital a little more bearable.  We also appreciate your prayers!

xoxo, Kelly

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Home Tomorrow ?!?!

Well everybody, it looks like we could be home tomorrow!  My mom’s rash is completely gone & her vitals seem to be good.  She is currently experiencing a little bit of high blood pressure… we hope that goes down & we will be ready tomorrow.  The doctor said if all goes well…that will be the plan!  Yay!  Jenna just came over to give me the afternoon off.  Thanks Jenna!  Now I am back for what will hopefully be our last night in the hospital.  We can’t get out of here soon enough.  The boredom is driving mama Jules crazy!  Oh, and thank you Pastor Roger for coming to visit us!  You were the highlight of the day!

Please continue to pray for good health for Mama Jules!  We really appreciate it!

xoxo, Kelly


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Quick Update

Day 3 in the hospital and things are looking up.  My mom’s rash is fading, which means that the antibiotics are working.  She seems to have more spunk today & is showing signs of boredom.  This usually means she is back to her normal self.  My mom hates just lying around and watching TV.  Hanging out in a hospital room can drive you a bit crazy.  We don’t know of a discharge date yet.  My family doesn’t really even ask because we want to make sure this thing is taken care of before we go.  Our main focus upon arriving back home will be keeping my mom’s immune system up to fight bacteria off.  Cellulitis can be a reoccurring thing…..and we can’t be in the hospital every month.  That would be no fun!  I am assuming we will be here another couple of days.  Between my dad, sister & I… of us is always with my mom.  I am mostly here because my dad and sister both had to work today.  My dad will come give me a couple of hours tonight & Jenna will give me a couple tomorrow.

That is about it.  Thank you for the continued prayers & positive energy!



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Ho Ho Hospital

Hi everybody. As most of you know…we are in the ICU again. When my mom and I woke up yesterday, I rolled her & noticed that persistent crazy rash on her bottom & upper thighs had appeared again. My heart immediately sank. Her skin was extremely warm to the touch & the chills were beginning. There was no way around it…off to the ER we went!
Both my dad and sister were at work so Catey Alvarez (our friend & home health aid) came with my mom & I to begin the check in/waiting process. After a couple of hours wait, Catey & myself helped hoyer lift my mom into her hospital bed & the tests began. By then my dad had arrived so he was here with me into the evening. They did blood work, urine, chest x ray & CT scan. The ER was extremely busy…so we waited, waited & waited. My sister showed up at 8 & we sent my dad home since he was going to work today. Poor guy is exhausted as usual. We didn’t get admitted into the hospital until 10:00pm & I was home by 11:00. Jenna stayed the night with mama Jules since it landed on my night off. I was so grateful to get a good nights rest. Thank you Jenna!!! Now I am back & it is mom & I together again. The diagnosis is Cellulitis with mild pneumonia. We are not sure of the exact plan. We will be here for at least a few days. Such a bummer!
We appreciate all of the continued prayers! These set backs don’t help. We continue to keep our spirits up.
I will try to keep the updates coming!
Xoxo, Kelly

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