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Ok, this post is way late….but I thought I would get our Thanksgiving pictures up before we head into Christmas.  Mama Jules is still doing great & enjoys picking out presents for her nearest and dearest this Christmas.  This past Thanksgiving, my mom’s brother Jeff and wife Sam had the entire family over.  It was a packed house & we had such a wonderful time.  We really cherish those holidays that we can all get together.  It is also great having my Grandpa Kast still here in MN with us.  He makes the gatherings complete!

My mom and Cousin Shawna

My mom and Cousin Shawna

Myself and cousin Lindsay.  Those are her adorable babies Ike and Sylvia!

Myself and cousin Lindsay. Those are her adorable babies Ike and Sylvia!

Jenna and I

Jenna and I

Jenna and Mama Jules

Jenna and Mama Jules

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

Jenna and Ross practicing their parenting skills with baby Ike

Jenna and Ross practicing their parenting skills with baby Ike

My aunt Sam, Cousin-in-law Jessica, and their baby AJ

My aunt Sam, Cousin-in-law Jessica, and their baby AJ

Dad carving the Turkey

Dad carving the Turkey

Dad and Gramps

Dad and Gramps

Most of our group

Most of our group

Thank you Aunt Sam and Uncle Jeff for having us!  We are so Thankful for wonderful family!

The day before Thanksgiving my mom had her feeding tube replaced.  It didn’t go exactly as planned, but we made it through the day and were able to head home after.  When they pulled her tube out, a piece broke off and remained in her belly.  This turned into emergency surgery to go down and retrieve the piece before it travelled into her digestive tract.  After a little persuasion, the doctors allowed me to come into the OR to help communicate with my mom.  I told them that if they didn’t let me in….the would get some extremely mean faces from my mom.  Surgery went well and we headed off to recovery where we were stuck for a couple of hours.  Dad fell asleep of course, so we were able to get another Daddy Rog sleeping pic.

Mom and I bored out of our minds in recovery

Mom and I bored out of our minds in recovery

Dad sleeping :)

Dad sleeping 🙂

We are again thankful for a healthy mama Jules and a successful tube replacement!  We should be good for another year!











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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Mary & I. Not the best angle, but we tried.

Well peeps, it has been a whirlwind of a crazy few days.  But it has been an amazing couple of days!  Thursday my Godmother Mary treated me to a wonderful evening of drinks/apps & theater!  We went with her sister, her sister’s God-daughter & her God-daughter’s mom.  We saw Billy Elliot which was amazing!  It was the perfect way to start of the weekend.  Thank you Mary for a wonderful time!

Friday was Christmas Eve.  We had the Rasmussen’s over for some Vino & present opening & my Godmother came over as well. (Mary is Godmother to Jenna, Nathan & I….so we are very lucky!).   After we had them over we headed over to the Omlie’s for a beautiful dinner.  We have been doing this for longer than 15 years now.  We were trying to decide on when we started, but couldn’t figure it out.  It has been a long time!  They have a gorgeous long table that fits an army of people.  I think that there were at least 30 people this year.  Thank you Omlie’s!  You are amazing!

Yesterday we had my mom’s side of the family over for Christmas Day along with my Brother Nate & his family. We had yet another wonderful meal & over did it on cookies & cake.  It was so nice getting to celebrate Christmas with so many people.  My mom loves her friends & family so very much & they always make her smile!  We were all very blessed to receive wonderful presents this year as well.  Thank you to all that helped make our Christmas so special!  I made a little video (of course) from yesterday.  I have become a bit of a video addict.

Thank you also to all of our friends that have stopped by for a visit & brought us gifts for our home.  We are so thankful!  Thank you Marian & Joan for the beautiful flowers.  They were perfect on our Christmas table!

My nephew Julian

Aunt Sam & my cousin Aaron

Jenna, Aunt Sam & I

Jenna & Julian

Dad & I goofing around with the drinks. Probably the most we have ever had in the house! Big deal for us!

Jordan, Julian & Souvanny

First Married Christmas

I will post more pictures next time.  Other people took more pictures with my mom in them.  I didn’t pull out my camera as much this year.

I hope that everybody had a wonderful & safe Holiday.  What a wonderful time of year to feel so much love.

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued smiles as we wind down from such a busy few days

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Ready or Not….Here Christmas Comes!

Well, lets see.  Just a bunch of the usual business going on around here.  Yesterday we woke up to more SNOW!  urrrrggg.  It is so frustrating!  Apparently nobody in my family was paying attention to the forecast, so it came as a surprise.  My mom & I had looked forward to running errands….but we discovered that just wasn’t going to happen.  Instead, my mom had her weekly bio-feedback session & we did a little housekeeping.  In the evening we watched the extremely entertaining Vikings game.  It wasn’t entertaining because of the game, it was because of the snow & it being outdoors.  What a mess!
Today my mom had her weekly nurses visit.  Her blood was a little thick, but that can be easily fixed.  We have been given an increased dose of her coumadin.  She is on coumadin because of past clotting that she has had in her arms from her ports.  Since it has happened more than once in her past, she has been placed on permanent coumadin therapy, so the nurse comes over & does a finger prick.  Exciting huh?  Well now you know!  haha.  After all of that, my mom & I went to Costco with our friend/Home Health Aid Catey.  I love that the ALS association gives us hours with her so she can come out and play with us!  It is also nice at Costco because she can follow us around with the huge cart.  Thanks Catey!  We are hosting Christmas Day at our house so we had a bunch of stuff to get, and we still have a bunch more.  After our shopping we stopped for dinner in the food area.  Perfect outing!

Catey & Mama Jules at Costco

I have found a few random lost pictures on my camera & thought I would share.  We don’t have many pictures of my brother with his boys & I found a few.  Yes he does exist!
From left Nathan holding Julian, Grandpa Eagle, Jordan, Joshua & my dad!

About a year ago when we went to Rocky Rococco's for my brother's birthday. My families favorite pizza!

After my dad had his appendix out I put him in a chair by my mom & took care of both of them. He might kill me if he knows I posted this!

My dad & my 90 year old Grandpa Eagle!

Well, that is all for today!  I hope that everybody is having a good week!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength & energy throughout this holiday season.

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Wonderful Weekend full of Cookie Love

Since my mom & I are watching “Housewives of Beverly Hills” for the 3rd time, I thought that I would update y’all!  My mom and I watch every season (and city) of Housewives on Bravo….and it is not rare to see us watching the episodes over and over.  There is just something about crazy reality TV that my mom & I both love.  It is a good thing that we have similar taste in shows since we are together so much.  It would be miserable otherwise!

Friday my mom and I had to stay home because my new mattress was being delivered. That was 3 days in a row indoors last week, and my mom was bumming.  On the other hand, I was really excited to get my new mattress.  It is about 3 feet higher than my last one & I am so happy to have it!  The delivery guys were so sweet to my mom & I just love when people are not afraid to talk to her.  I love when a stranger can put a smile on my mom’s face.  Makes my day!

Yesterday I did my 5th annual cookie bake with 2 of my besties.  Dana, Kate & I look forward to it every year!  It seems to take us longer every year….or we are just getting old.  I was starting to feel that aching back after standing all day.  It was fun regardless, and it is always fun to find an excuse to sip on wine before 5:00.  I tried to get my friends to engage in a video, but they weren’t really having it.  I am posting it anyway!  I warned them! hehe.

Posing with Dana's little man Kellan

Look at all of those cookies!

Not tired yet!

Today my mom, sister & I went to see Black Swan.  That movie scared the crap out of us!  I was hiding under my scarf half of the time & Jenna was hiding in her coat.  My mom & I really enjoyed it, but Jenna is pretty traumatized.  I guess that she never knew ballet could be so scary.  The mall was super packed as well.  I remember the days when the Eden Prairie Center could hardly get anybody to step foot in there.  Now it is a gold mine!

That is all for today!  I am on my break in a few minutes & I plan to enjoy it!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength through this Christmas Holiday.  Christmas can get so exciting but exhausting!

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Just another lovely Thursday

Hey peeps!

J & R The day the became engaged

Not too much to update you on.  Been staying busy doing the usually things around the house & getting ready for Christmas.  Yesterday my mom and I stayed at home & got a bunch of stuff done & presents wrapped.  Mom also had her weekly bio-feedback session with Deanna & then her nurse stopped by to check her stats.  All good!  After that we had an i-chat with Jenna & Ross.  They are up north for their yearly visit to Blue Fin Bay.  3 years ago Ross proposed to Jenna up there & they have decided to make it a tradition.  They even snow shoe to the exact location that he proposed.  Very romantic….I think!  Sounds like they are having a great time this year aside from the fact that the first day they had a room where the heat didn’t work.  Looks like they got things straightened out and have a new room today.  It was fun seeing them through video messaging!  Another reason to love my Macbook!

Today Louann came over for a visit.  (Louann is Jenna’s mother-in-law).  We exchanged presents & she got my mom a happy light!  A light for people who live in locations that don’t have much sunlight.  After she left I set my mom by the light….and she really liked it!  I will keep you updated about whether or not it makes her super happy!  Looks good so far!  We also had the medical supply guy over to replace the battery that is built into my mom’s wheelchair for her vent.  Since we use it so much, we have to replace it about every 6 months.   Exciting, huh?

That is about it for now.  The snow just missed us last night…..I love it!  Since I learned how to upload videos to my page, I am going to post a video from Thanksgiving this year.  Not the best quality, but it shows how much fun we had!

Prayer for Julie: pray that her new “happy light” gives her new found energy!

Thankful:  I am thankful that the snow missed us!

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Starting to feel the Christmas Spirit!

Dad after his first round of plowing

Oh my.  So much has happened over these last few days….I cannot believe it!  First of all, we had a crazy blizzard on Saturday.  All of you Minnesotans know what I mean!  I really could not believe what I saw.  My dad probably spent a total of 5 hours plowing this weekend.  The snow on the sides of our driveway comes up to my shoulders.  If we get more, I don’t know where it is going to go!  I know I keep saying this, but it is Fall people!

View from our front door during the storm

After the snow stopped & the city started to clear it away, we were off to Jenna’s house for her annual cookie party on Sunday!  She was hosting it at her town home this year, so mom & I had to bundle up & head over to their place in the negative wind chill.  My dad was overly worried about us (as usual) but we made it just fine.  For a while he insisted on following us in his car.  I pride myself on being very independent & capable, so I asked him if he would find it strange if I followed him in my car while he was out.  hehe.  Sometimes I need to stop being annoyed & let a man be a man.  Anyway, we made it over to Jenna’s house just fine & had a wonderful time at the party.  We are thankful that Jenna doesn’t find it odd for us to join in & even lets her mother-in-law Louann & our friend Amy (whose daughter was in attendance) come to hang out.  For that matter, I am glad that all of the ladies don’t mind & embrace us.  I haven’t seen my mom laugh & smile that much in a long time.  It was a wonderful kick off to the Christmas season!  Our friend Amy captured some wonderful moments with her new camera!

Jenna in her Santa dress

Lets get the ornament exchange going!

All of the ladies!

Mama Jules with Jenna & I

Mama Jules with all the ladies

Mama Jules with Jenna's mother-in-law Louann

Here is a link to a video from the party as well:


Today my mom & I went downtown with our friend Amy to Macy’s 8th floor christmas

Mom & Amy at Macy's 8th Floor

display & then had lunch at the sky room.  Again, if you are from Minnesota, you know what I am talking about.  The Christmas display originated with Dayton’s a long time ago.  Now it is a tradition for so many families in Minnesota.  To sum it up, it is a display that you walk through that tells a sort of Christmas story using figurines that move.  When Amy was over last week, she mentioned how she & my mom had always had that tradition when my sister & her daughter Megan were growing up, so we decided to go!  I didn’t tell my dad since it was -9 degrees

A picture of a part of the display

out (before you factor in the wind chill).  He would have huffed & puffed about it.  So, my mom, Amy & I giggled about the fact that we were being naughty the whole way down.  Always makes it more fun!  haha.  When all was said & done, my dad is glad we had fun & we didn’t have to get him calling & worrying about us.  See, we are strong independent women!

That is all for today!  I cannot wait to see what the rest of the week brings!  Ho-Ho-Ho!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for a continued smile & light in her life.  She has been so exceptionally happy these last couple of days!

Thankful:  I am thankful for having a snow plow and safe handicap van that allows us to go out in this crazy weather!

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Blizzard & Baking

Today was a busy day getting all of our errands done before the big snow storm comes.  Every channel on the TV is talking about it.  Looks like we are going to see about 12 inches.  For those of you that don’t live in MN, this winter has been tough already.  The news said that this will be our 4th severe winter snow of the season, and it isn’t even technically winter yet.  We were planning to go to Jenna’s tomorrow to help her bake for her cookie party, but it looks like we will be stuck inside again.  Something that we are getting very used to!  The grocery store was a zoo today along with the other stores.  I am glad that mama Jules & I were able to get our stuff done!

Christmas picture with my mom when I was a wee one. I have the strange hat on!

Jenna came over to give me the night off last night.  I love it!  My parents are buying me a new mattress for Christmas, so I went out to try some for myself.  I must say that it is funny laying on mattresses when you are by yourself.  I think I found the one though!  My mattress is so old that it has been killing my back.  I have been sleeping on the pull out couch with my nights off.  I have been debating if it was worth getting me a new one because I only sleep down there 2 nights a week.  We have decided it is worth it.  Merry Christmas to me!

My brother just called and said he is coming over.  We haven’t seen him in a month so it will be glad to have him over for a visit.  My dad has the night off so he is still out shopping.  Hopefully my brother won’t drive me crazy!  Wish me luck!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued healing of her bed sore

Thankful: I am thankful for my computer which keeps us connected to the outside world when we are forced to stay inside

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Shopping & Blood Draws

It has been another good couple of days around here.  Yesterday my mom & I got out to do some more Christmas shopping.  I think that she would have given me the evil eye all day if I hadn’t taken her since it was not snowing.  No excuses!  She is officially sick of 

My mom & Pat yesterday at Von Maur

being inside!  Did you know that it is still technically fall in MN?  Yes!  FALL!!!!  This is insane.  I think that we have received too much snow and cold weather way too fast.  I fear that this is going to be a very long season.  Anyway, when we arrived at Von Maur (my mother’s favorite store) we happily ran into our friend Pat Hecker.  What a nice surprise!  I am also friends with Pat’s daughter Renee.  I have mentioned her before.  We have been friends since the day I was born.  Literally!  We always enjoy running into people when we are out.  Pat and my mom had not seen each other in forever, so it was a fun reunion!

Today my mom and I went for our yearly family doctors visit.  We have been at the doctor so little this last year that it almost felt foreign.  Very strange for us!  Everything looked great with my mom & she said that my mom appeared to being doing better this year than she was last year.  That was a huge compliment to my mom and meant so much to her.  This particular doctor was very skeptical when my mother decided to go on a ventilator and was sure to remind her of the “unfavorable” things that would result from it.  Now that it has been a few years since the decision was made, she is very pleasant & (I think) sees that it can be done & the patient can be happy.  Go Team Eagle! 🙂  After our doctor visit, it was off to blood work.  My mother is the hardest person to get blood from.  She has very shallow veins & very slow-moving blood (if they are able to even hit the vein).  Because it is winter (well, fall actually) my mom’s hands get very cold & retain the coldness the second I take her outside.  This makes the veins even harder to see.  So, moral of the story, my mom was poked & prodded & we still got no blood.  We will have to let her heal up & then try again next week.  I will have to buy hand warmers of some sort. Mittens don’t seem to work.  Luckily poking my mom doesn’t bother her.  I on the other hand, fainted right off my chair during my last blood test.  Doesn’t seem to bother my mom a bit!
That is all for today!  I look forward to posting again soon!  Stay tuned to the exciting happenings of Julie & Kelly!
ps- I am posting a new picture of my sister’s Swarm Team.  Kind of fun!

Jenna's Team!

Prayer for Julie: pray for the healing of her poor little black & blue veins.  Such a trooper!
Thankful: I am thankful for a past year with very few doctors visits

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Wonderful Weekend

Hi Friends.  I know, it has been a while.  We have been staying pretty busy around here with little errands & things that need to be done when getting ready for the holiday season.  Ho….ho…..ho!  I am trying to think of some highlights from our last 5 days.

Nathan, Jenna & I a million Christmas's ago

Thursday night Jenna came over to give me the night off.  We talked dad into letting us go to Michael’s together to pick up ribbon & florals for our new tree along with doing a little shopping.  He said yes!  This is unusual for us, because we rarely get to go out and about alone together.  One of us is usually caring for my mom while the other is off duty.  So, moral of the story….it was really nice to have some sister time!

Friday I put the final touches on the tree.  Not to toot my own horn, but I love it!  I think that tree decorating is one of my favorite things to do.  After my mom and I went out shopping on Saturday, I parked her wheelchair facing the tree so that she could see it.  Since it is up 5 steps…I can’t bring her directly up to it & she can’t see it from her bed in the family room.  I was excited to show her what we came up with.  The funny part of the story is that I asked her what she thought.  She started to spell out “I have never seen such a…..”.  This is where I thought she was going to say “beautiful tree”.  Instead she finishes her sentence with “mess”.   I am a little shocked by this & couldn’t help but laugh.  Apparently she is more appalled with the state of our living room.  haha.  I guess that dad & I haven’t been keeping it clean enough up to her standards.  It really wasn’t that bad, but she was mad.  So, the room has since been tidied up.  Whew!

Yesterday my mom and I hung out & watched the Vikings game.  Another win!  Then I read to her for a couple of hours.  We are now reading “Water for Elephants”.  I have read it before, but it was a couple of years ago.  I really enjoyed it & it is a pretty easy read.  I can’t wait to see the movie when it comes out!

Jenna & Ross stopped over for a little bit.  Jenna wanted to borrow a copy of Eclipse.  We have 2 because my dad has one & I have one.  Some of you may have noticed on Facebook that my dad is a huge twilight fan.  We find it endearing.  He has been trying to get Jenna to read the books, but she insists that she is not a reader.  We are working on it!

That is about it for now.  I know that so much more happened…..but I am having a hard time recalling it.  Those are a few highlights!   Ho……ho…..ho!

Prayer for Julie:  Pray for continued healing of her “seasonal” cold.  She seems to have caught a little sickness that creates all that yummy mucous stuff.  We both have it…so I am sure that I in some was contributed

Thankful: I am thankful for “the season to be jolly” !

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