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Love, Laughter & Loss

Wow.  So much time has passed since my last blog….and so much has happened!  My mom has been staying healthy & enjoying the AMAZING Minnesota winter!!  We did get dumped down upon last night, but due to the way our winter is going, it should be gone in no time!

Jenna’s Swarm Lacrosse season has started & we have been to all 4 home games.  The games have been awesome this year & the energy from the crowd is contagious.  You can’t help but smile and have a great time!!  Here are a few pics from this season

Jenna in action

J's biggest fans!

Jenna & Her Daddy

Our great handicap season tickets! Dad, Ross & Sam

Mel, Brenda & Karin came to the home opener!

I have a lot more pics…but I won’t bore you with those!  I am sure I will be posting more throughout the season :).

Jenna still comes over a couple of nights a week to see mom & give me the night off.  My mom always loves her time with baby bird

My friend Kate came into town from IA with her precious little baby boy Everett.  I was excited I got to hang out with her a couple of times and catch up.  She stopped over with Everett before heading back to IA on Sunday so Mama Jules could see how fast he was growing!  What a sweet baby!

Mom and Everett

Kate and Everett

Thanks for stopping over Kate!

Yesterday my dad turned 65!  Happy Birthday Dad!  Jenna, Ross, Mom and myself took him out to dinner at Biaggi’s on Sunday to celebrate.  There is nothing like a good meal to put a smile on his face!!

Dad, Jenna & Ross


A couple of weeks ago, my mom’s aunt Marian passed away from cancer.  We were able to visit her in hospice before her passing & spent a couple of hours telling stories & hanging out with her & her daughter Joan (my mom’s cousin).  We went to her funeral last week & it was perfect.  I know how much she loved her family & grandchildren.  Her face would light up when we talked about them.  We miss you Marian!  Say hi to my grandma Doris in heaven!

Aunt Marian & Cousin Joan around Christmas Time 2011

I will finish up for now.  But hopefully that catches everybody up a little bit!  We appreciate all our friends & family that have come to visit us this last month.  Your visits always keep us cheery & bright.  We are lucky to have such wonderful friends!!

xoxo, Kelly

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