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January was fun, but lets get on to February!

Looks like we are ending January with a bang around here.  Well, not really.  But it has been a fun weekend!  The days have been a little bit sunnier around here & not as snowy.  It sounds like the east coast has been getting hit this time instead of us.  Sorry to all you Bostonians & New Yorkers!  I can only imagine the places that they find to put that snow.

Friday we went to see The King’s Speech with our friend Catey.  It was excellent!  The theater was also packed with people & we just barely got handicap seating.  This hardly ever happens, so I was happy that we were able to grab those last seats.  It is funny thinking about all of the extra things you need to think about when having a wheelchair.  First you have to pray that there is handicap parking available, then you have to make sure you have all of the equipment that you need (vent related), you have to make sure all of the batteries are fully charged & last of all, you have to hope you don’t get stuck in the snow.  On a positive note, my mom makes it easy to bring chicken quesadillas into the theater for Catey & I.  We can just plop them in her lap & throw a blanket over them. Thanks mom! Lunch & a movie!

Yesterday it was back to the Excel Center for our 3rd Swarm Game.  We won again!  Now we are 3-1.  Go Swarm!  We had a nice little Jenna cheering section as well this time.  Thank you to all of our friends and family that have come out to see a game!  It seems as if we all have enjoyed getting to know the sport of Lacrosse.  They sure keep the energy level up there.  You feel like you have been to a rock concert when you leave there.  After we got back home & mom was back in bed, I enjoyed the rest of my evening off in my room.  I get a little jipped on my nights off when there is a game, but we will have a little break for a while now between games.  I will get a little more time off that way.  I am going to post some pics & video of J from the game.  Hopefully this isn’t getting too old to you peeps!


Dad & Jenna

Jenna & our Godmother Mary

Ross, Chris & Amy



Dad & Jenna's friend Sam!

Ross showing off his Swarm Pride


Today has been a usual Sunday for us.  We are hanging out & getting ready for the week ahead.  Jenna also stopped over for a surprise visit.  My mom has been having some edema in her arm, and I have been trying every trick in the book to help it.  I think that I will be chatting with her ALS doctor tomorrow.  We are thinking about looking into lymph therapy/massage.  We will also be heading back into the clinic for her 5th blood draw.  Cross your fingers!

Oh, and my relationship with my treadmill is going well!  I have worked out 4 days in a row now.  I have some nasty blisters on my baby toes…..but it feels good to break a sweat.  I will keep you updated!


Kate walking with Mama Jules at the ALS walk


I want to also give a shout out to one of my besties Kate!!  It is her 32nd birthday today!!!!  Happy birthday & Creeker Love!  Can’t wait celebrate with you next month.  (Kate lives in IA).  xoxo

Prayer for Julie: Pray for a solution to the edema in her arm.

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Dust off the treadmill

Well, it has been another few pretty un-eventful days around here.  My mom has been a little under the weather.  At least, that’s what I think.  We have been dealing with a bunch of phlegm & need to do frequent suctioning & deep suctioning.  Deep suctioning is where we stick a small catheter down her trach hole in her neck & get all of the fun goopy stuff out.  It is extremely successful & helps so much since my mom has no coughing reflex.  With my winter cold I sometimes wish that I could do the same for myself! haha. Anyway, since we are able to pull of the guck that way, my mom has been void of reoccurring pneumonia for a long time now.  And don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt her at all!  Just offers relief!

Monday we had my mom’s bio-feedback session & stayed home to read my book club selection for this month together.  It is called Look Again & we are really enjoying it so far!

My mom during her flying days

Tuesday it was back to the lab to get more blood drawn (for the 4th time) since they did not get enough blood last week.  This trip was in vain since we received a message again when we got home that they AGAIN did not get enough blood.  Urgggggg!!!!  They keep insisting that they get enough.  What is the deal?  I guess that we are going to head to the lab at the hospital next time since her samples always get sent there.  That way they should know “for sure” that the have the correct amount.  This is getting a bit ridiculous!  The day was fun though & we stopped at Target on our way home.  Then I stopped at Culver’s to get my mom a chocolate malt.  I guess that she is getting more adventurous with her treats.  If it makes her happy, I say ok!

Today our friend Amy came over for a visit & that is about it.  We are going to a movie tomorrow & then another Swarm game on Saturday.  It is nice to have fun things on the horizon!  Thank you to all of the visitors that stop by to visit with my mom & I.  You make our days so much brighter!  You have no idea!

Vintage mom pic

My dad just got home & is tired & cold.  Whats new?  haha.

Oh, and if you are wondering about my title.  My treadmill & I are getting reacquainted.  After not being too active since Christmas, I decided enough is enough.  Stop complaining about the weather, and get your butt back down to the workout room you created.  I will let you know how it goes!  So far, so good!  hehe.

That is all for now.  TGIF!!!!!

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Checking off the days until Spring!

A few more days of winter can be checked off the list!  Let us see, Thursday was filled with a house full of visitors.  Dori, Amy, Catey & Jenna were all here!  I just love the feeling of a household full of laughter & friendship.  It helps those hours indoors tick away.  My mom & I have also discovered old seasons of “Big Brother” on YouTube which we can watch on TV.  That has helped enjoy new (well, new to us) seasons of a show that we love.

Friday we were going to go out and get blood work done again (since they didn’t get enough last time) but it was too insanely cold here.  We got to -22 or something like that.  There are just too many risky factors involved with my mom….like what if the car didn’t start?  My dad has also begun forbidding us to do things because he knows we are crazy enough to go out.  Blame the Roger!  haha.  In the end Louann (Jenna’s mother in law) surprised us with a visit.  Again, it was wonderful having somebody new in the house to chat with.

Saturday morning I had a birthday party to go to for my friend Dana’s little boy Kellan.  He turned 1-year-old!  How time flies.  I remember the day that the little guy was born!  I pride myself on being his auntie (since Dana is one of my besties).  Love that little guy so much!

Mommy giving Kellan his first birthday cake

Mmmmmmm. Cake!

After the party I stopped by Jenna’s place to help her get ready for the Swarm Game.  Then it was off to home to help my mom get ready for the game!  We had an awesome group of people who came to the game!  Ross, Amy, Catey, Megan, Jacob, Kailee, Brandon, Sam & his friend!  Thanks everybody for bringing your love and support.  I know that it meant the world to Jenna.  The Swarm also won the game….so they are now 2-1.  Go Swarm!

Megan, Amy, Jacob & Ross

Catey, mom & I

Kailee, Brandon & Mamma Jules

Jenna & her SPT ladies!

There is another game next weekend that we will be at!  The games are fun & it is a wonderful escape for my mom.

Today we are in the house again.  We were supposed to go to my cousin Aaron’s birthday party, but due to all of the snow, getting into their house would be pretty impossible for us.  My mom is a little upset because she thinks we could do it.  I think maybe we could do it, and dad says absolutely no way can we do it.  Daddy Rog can be such a buzz kill sometimes!  Sorry we couldn’t make it Aaron!  Happy postponed birthday party!

That is all for today!  Thank you for checking in as always!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued mental strength through this tough season.

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Creating Fun out of Complete Boredom

Living in Minnesota has continued to excite us over the last couple of days.  Monday it was back to the doctor’s office for more blood work.  My mom’s white blood cell count came back low from our last time & they forgot to run her TSH (thyroid) test.  We thought that we would be done giving blood for the year, but that wasn’t in the cards.  The blood actually came out of my mom’s vein this time, so I was beyond excited.  We hung around for a while to make sure that they were able to get enough & then we were off to run some more errands.  When we got home we received a phone call saying they didn’t get enough blood.  Come on people!!!  This is so not cool!  So, it will be back to the lab on Friday.  Ugggg.  I made a little video about of day.  If you are on FB, you may have already seen it.  Again, this is what we call creating fun out of boredom

Yesterday Pastor Roger came over for a visit.  We always love seeing him!  After that Jenna arrived to give me the evening off.  Her friend Kailee stopped over as well to visit with Mama Jules.  Since there was so much excitement going on, I ended up pulling out the video camera & making them perform for me.  Luckily, it wasn’t too hard.  Winter is making us all crazy!

Haha.  Obviously I have acquired new software on my computer to make Movie Trailors.  Don’t worry, I am sure I will make more for you in the future!  Here is a picture from our fun-filled night!  Kailee always does an amazing job making my mom smile.

Kailee, Jenna, & mom

After Kailee left, we were surprised by a visit from Ross.  Yay!  Then it was time for Jenna & mom to head to bed while I decided to stay up until 2:00.  Thats ok, it was my night off peeps!

Today Jenna has gone back to her humble abode & our friend Jane has stopped over.  I think that we will be looking forward to heading out tomorrow.  Just a side note, I do go out on my break, so I am not suffering from cabin fever quite as much as my mom.  She is such a super trooper!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength and energy

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Winter Days

Wow.  A week has gone by since my last entry.  We haven’t been particularly busy around here.  I think that when the snow is coming down  EVERY DAY you tend to get a little lazy.  Sorry for all of the people who have been DYING to know what we are up to.  I am sure that there are one or two of you out there :).

Last Sunday around 10:00 at night I was feeding my mom some lemon ice & her 4 tooth

mom's bridge

bridge fell out.  Oops!  This has never happened before so she was pretty upset.  We didn’t even realize that she had a bridge there.  So, I called Jenna to re-assure our mom that it could be easily taken care of.  When we called Jenna started crying…and I thought “great, this isn’t going so well”.  I laughed and asked her why she was crying & she said that she knew how important mom’s teeth are to her.  Great job re-assuring Jenna!  So, the next morning my dad made an appointment with mom’s dentist to get her in right away.  Off to downtown we were

Dad sleeping in the waiting room

headed  in the snow!  Once at the office, my dad sat on the sofa & was asleep immediately & of course I pulled out my camera.  I think that I could make a whole video montage of Roger sleeping pictures.  The dude just can’t stay awake!  Someone is working way to hard!  The dentist was able to get my mom’s bridge cemented back in & all is well.  We are grateful that it turned out to be such an easy fix.  Oh, and I took a little video from my camera phone.  Horrible quality….but it allows us to show dad in full sleep mode.  Exciting, huh?  haha

Tuesday mom & I pretty much hung out. Catey came over to help us out around the house.  After that she & I  got together with our friends for dinner.  Just what the doctor ordered!  It is good to have a reason to get out of the house….otherwise I tend to hibernate in the winter time.  It gets dark early & is freezing cold around here.  I have even heard that we are in the running for most snow this year.  Go MN!

Wednesday my mom had her weekly bio-feedback session.  Jenna had given me Tuesday night off, so she was with mom during the bio-feedback that morning.  Mom is looking good!

Thursday we had my mom’s vent battery replaced in her wheelchair.  Amy Rasmussen came over for her weekly visit & all we did was complain about how awful this winter has been.  Well, maybe that wasn’t all that we talked about.  It has been tough though.  I think that it has snowed almost every single day around here.  Boo.

Friday Jenna & I took mom to see Country Strong.  The movie was really good & I bought the sound track as soon as I got home.  I just love country!  After the movie we did a little Von Maur shopping….so mom was in retail heaven!  It had snowed a couple of inches since we had been at the mall, so after I un-buried the car, we made our way home where I had to proceed to shovel the sidewalk so I could get mom to the door.  Have I mentioned that winter stinks?  Luckily we had a great day & it was all worth it.

Saturday can be summed up with: I got the night off & mom was excited about the Miss America Pageant”.  Those were the highlights!

And that brings us to today.  Not sure what the day holds yet….but I am sure it will be exciting!


Vintage Julie Picture

Prayer for Julie:  Pray for continued mental strength during the “deep freeze”



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Swarm it Up!

Well, it has been another fun couple of days.  Friday was freezing cold, so mom & I were stuck inside again.  Yes! (insert sarcasm here).  My dad had the evening off, so mom & I read a little bit and watched a lot of tv.  Our brains are officially rotting!  My dad bought us a new Blue Ray player that allows us to also access the internet (Netflix, YouTube, Picasso, etc) and has a huge hard drive to save media.  We are in electronics heaven over here!  My mom and I have had a lot of fun playing with it.  It has brought our tv watching to a whole new level.  haha.  Now all we need is a DVR!  Jenna also surprised us by stopping by for a while.  It was a very welcome/needed surprise!

Yesterday Jenna came over again after work in the morning.  She had lunch with us & we helped her get ready for her first Swarm game.  Later that evening Mom, Dad & I headed over to the Xcel Center to attend our first La Crosse game.  Ross met us there and we had tons of fun!  Jenna was able to get us 4 wheel chair accessible seats, so everything went very smoothly for us.  unfortunately the Swarm lost in overtime.  Thats ok, we had a great time anyway!  Here is a link to watch a little video of Jenna’s dancing

Dad gave me the rest of the night off when we got home, so I was able to get a good nights sleep.  My cold is back in full force & it was much-needed.


Dad enjoying his first Swarm Game

Family Picture with Jenna

Ross with the Ladies

That is all for now.  I hope that everybody had a wonderful weekend!  Now on to Monday!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength in her eyes.  The reflection of the snow on the ground right now…makes the world a pretty bright place.  Sometimes it is like staring at the sun for my mom.  Yikes!  Hang in there eyes!

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Sipping Soda

Yes people, my mother has become addicted to soda.  Well, sort of.  It might not sound too exciting to the average person, but my mom has been enjoying a little coke every night before bedtime.  We have realized that her swallowing is still very good….and she can handle a little coke really well.  I use a syringe to get it pretty far into the back of her mouth & then she swallows it down.  We do this about 10 times.  It is nice to see that she is showing strength in this area.  And it is nice to give her a little treat to make her day brighter!  Of course we have to brush her teeth immediately after (which is my least favorite thing to do).  Jenna would throw a fit if she knew that we didn’t.  (insert lecture from Jenna here).  hehe.

Jenna came over to give me the night off on Tuesday.  I am so thankful for that time to myself!  Not that I did anything crazy exciting that evening.  I think that I ended up reading & savoring the fact that I had no responsibilities that evening!  Thanks J!

Vintage Julie & Roger Picture!

Wednesday our friend Jane came over for her weekly visit.  We talked her into buying 2 Swarm Calendars (well, one was for her daughter Cate..that she bought).  Thanks ladies!!!!  We know how much you wanted one.  hehe.  We had a nice visit & it was great catching up with Jane.

Jenna trying to act comfortable when holding her friend Megan's doggie

Today my Godmother Mary came over in the morning & our friend Amy came over in the afternoon.  The time spent between was making food for my mama & getting the dishes done.  I just got off the phone with Jenna & she personally says “hello” to all of our readers!  She said that a dog peed on her at work today, so that was pretty funny.  Jenna has always been afraid of dogs & her office co-workers regularly bring their dogs to work. It is helping her get used to dogs since part of Jenna’s marriage “deal” with Ross is that they WILL have a dog in their future.  We will see how that goes!

That is about it!  We are only 6 hours away from TGIF!  Happy weekend to all!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued mental strength through this winter season.  You definitely have to have a strong attitude when simple pleasures like walks in the sunshine are not an option.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!  I don’t really remember where I left off last entry…so I will wing it.  Last Thursday my friend Renee stopped over to introduce her new baby Nolan to my mom.  We had such a nice visit & he is such an adorable baby boy!  Amy also stopped by for her weekly visit along with our friend/helper Catey.  We basically had visitors the entire day, so mama Jules was in social heaven!

Mom, Renee & baby Nolan

Friday was New Years Eve.  My friend Susan & I decided to hang out and do something low-key together.  Susan is my friend that is from EP but now lives in Chile.  She didn’t have to go back until Sunday….so I was able to see her twice!  She invited me over to her parents house & we had an amazing dinner & then hung out.  Susan was always an amazing cook (along with her mom) when I was growing up, so I knew that dinner would be great!  Thank you for having me over Roberts!!  I was home by 10:30 since the roads were a little slick.  We were getting a pretty big chunk of ice on the roads & I didn’t want to get stuck.  I was able to ring in the new year with my parents & then finish my night off downstairs.  Love it!

Susan & I

Saturday & Sunday we spent at home.  We took the tree down & tried to get the house back in order.  We didn’t mind being inside since the weekend went by pretty quickly.

Today my mom & I went in for her blood draw appointment.  They weren’t able to get any blood from her veins again, so we had to resort to a finger prick.  The finger prick worked..thank goodness!  We had the sweetest little lady from Russia. She was bound and determined to get what she needed.  She was so patient & spent a lot of time with us.  I just love when we get to work with kind and sweet people.  It really makes the experience a lot better.

That is about all for now.  On a side note, Jenna has her first Swarm Game this Saturday.  I will be taking mama Jules & Daddy Rog.  I heard that the games are really fun & we are looking forward to it!  If you are interested in attending a game, the Swarm has set up a special link for our family to raise money for the ALS Association.

Use the promotion code: eagle wings

A portion of the ticket cost will go to the ALS association.  We are really excited for this fundraising opportunity!  Thank you Swarm!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued strength & energy.  Lets keep those motor neurons firing!

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