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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!!  I rang in the New Year with a cold that knocked my on my _ss.  Grrrr!  I have been sleeping the last few days & forcing my mom to watch lots of TV.  She has been very kind to me….and I am thankful!  I am feeling SO MUCH better today, so I am getting some things accomplished!  First on my list, updating my blog with pics from Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, we went over to Jenna & Ross’ house with Ross’ family & had a great evening with dinner and present opening.  Our friends the Rasmussen’s came over & our Godmother Mary, so we had quite a little party going on at one point.

Hanging Out

Guys in the kitchen

Ross heading up the table

We had a great time!  The next day, it was our turn to host dinner for the family.  After opening our family presents in the morning, Jenna stayed to help me get ready for everybody & we were ready to party!  Click the link below if you would like to see our little 1 minute video

Eagle Christmas 2011

Yay for presents!

Nathan & his wife Souvanny

Shawna & Julian coloring

Uncle John Helping Gramps Zip His Jacket. Aaaaah

After Christmas was over, we spent the week putting the house back together & relaxing a bit.  We have also been hanging out with gramps a bunch.  One fun thing that we did was take him to Houlihan’s for dinner.  We are such crazy fun people!  haha.

We hope that everybody had a fantastic New Year’s Eve!  We hope for happiness and GREAT health in 2012!

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