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Happy Anniversary J & R!

One year ago today, the whole family was dolled up & celebrating the marriage of my sister Jenna and her hubby Ross!  This was such a special day because not only is Ross a great guy, but my mom was able to attend the wedding and the reception.  The day could not have been more perfect.  I remember when my mom got sick she was sad because she thought she would never see Jenna get married and other such milestones.  In fact, if she hadn’t chosen life on a ventilator, she probably would not have been there.  I know my sister’s wedding day meant so much to our mom.  And it also made me very proud of all that she has endured and keeps fighting.  I cannot believe that a year has passed since that day!   Happy Anniversary Jenna & Ross!!!

Jenna placing mom's corsage on her.

The Happy Couple

Make taking it all in

Family Picture

Beautiful Picture of my baby sister

This past week went well for our family.  I don’t have anything overly exciting to report.  I had a couple of fun nights out with my friends.  Today my mom and I went for another walk around our favorite pond area.  It was extremely humid…but still nice.  My mom and I have just started reading “The Other Boleyn Girl” out loud.  This is my 3rd time reading it & my mom’s first.  It is so juicy and scandalous.  She is loving it!  It is nice to have an enticing book to read when we are stuck in the house due to rain.

Thank you checking in with us at!  I look forward to writing more later in the week!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued peace from her anxiety & body sensations.  Things are still going well!


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Fathers Day!

I would say that we had a pretty laid back & nice Father’s Day this past Sunday.  I cannot believe that it was already 2 days ago!  Time flies!  We decided do get our butts up a little bit earlier & head to D’Brians for some lunch with Daddy Roger!  My brother wasn’t able to make it, as usual, because he is always working.  He lives in Brooklyn Center, so it is just inconvenient enough for us that we don’t get to see him too often.  I would say lunch was a success…and my dad was happy.

Mom and Dad before heading out

Dad with his card. Cards always mean a lot to our dad. He saves them and hangs them in his office! Love it!

Ross and Dad chowing down

Dad and Jenna

Dad and myself

Thank you dad for being the rock of our family!  Your hard work and constant sacrifice for your family does not go unnoticed.  Your girls love you so much!

Later that afternoon my mom’s friend Catherine Genovese was in town from Virginia with her husband.  We were happy that we were able to squeeze in a little visit.  Cathy was one of my mom’s best friends growing up & they hadn’t seen each other in about 6 years.  It was a fun little reunion & my mom was so happy to see her.  Here is a pic!


And that brings us to this week.  Yesterday my mom and I headed to HCMC downtown for her Pulmonology (breathing/vent) check-up.  All is well in that department!

Today we had our monthly visit from Pastor Roger.  Thank you for all the kind messages about the audio from his service that I posted.  Wasn’t that special?  If you are wondering what I am talking about click here.  We are so lucky to have him in our lives!

Thank you for checking in with us!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued peace from her sensations.  They have been popping up a little bit lately.  Nothing terrible…we just hope to keep them at bay!


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A Special Message…

A couple of months ago our visitation pastor who visits our home, Pastor Roger, asked my mom if she would mind if he spoke about her and told her story at church during one of his services.  My mom’s face lit up right away….and she said yes.  If you attend St. Andrew Lutheran Church, you might notice that they have a pretty large prayer list in their program each week.  My mom’s name has been in that #1 slot for many years now.  Pastor Roger told us that so many people see those names…but don’t actually know specifically why they are praying for that person.  By now, the congregation has surely seen my mom’s name week after week for years and wondered what exactly is wrong with this Julie lady…and how they can help her in their prayers.  So, a couple of weeks ago Pastor Roger told us that he spoke about my mom like he said he was going to in his weekend services.  He said that he had many people come up to him after & say that they needed to hear an inspiring story such as my moms.  This brought my mom to tears of course.  It really meant so much to her (and to all of us).  We received the audio copy of the service a few days ago…and I am going to attach the last 3 minutes below.  If you have a few minutes, we would love for you to listen to it!  Pastor Roger does a great job showing what an inspiration my mom is!  May she continue to inspire me & all those around her!!


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Jenna turns 25!

Yes, baby J turned 25 yesterday!  And since it was her birthday….everything that we did had to have the word “birthday” before it.  Yes, we come from a family of huge dorks.  First she did birthday yoga, then birthday spray tan & then came over to our house to frost birthday cupcakes!  After the cupcakes…it was off to birthday walk with mama Jules & our friend Amy!  The weather was perfect (for once) so we were in weather heaven!

Amy, Julie & Birthday Jenna!

After our walk….Jenna went home to pick up her lovie, and I got mom back in bed.  I had a hard to convincing her to get back in bed…she wasn’t really having it.  I just didn’t have much time left in the evening since I was joining Jenna & her friends for dinner.  We always see it as a good sign that mom has a spirit that wants to keep going!  It would be far worse if it was the other way around. So, after I got mom back in bed and my dad got home from work, we had our little family present opening & singing of happy birthday.  Cupcakes are always on the menu when it comes to baby J!

Make a wish!

Dad reading mom the mail, eating a cupcake & mom mad that she is in bed (haha..just kidding)

Jenna with one of her presents

The lovebirds looking through a wedding photo album I made for Jenna's birthday

Next it was off to Kona Grill for dinner with some of Jenna’s nearest and dearest!  I love all of these girl!  They are some of the sweetest/kindest women you will ever meet!

Jenna & Kailee (Big J & Lil K)

Mel, Jenna & Karin (U of M DH-ers!!)

Katie, Megan & Jenna (Creeker Love)

Jenna got another Cupcake at Kona!

Aaaahhh Sister Love

The Ladies!

Ross was there too!

re-enactment of wedding day since their one year is coming up! aaahhhh

I think that Jenna would say she had a great birthday!  I know that this post is mostly pics….but you asked & I delivered!  Who doesn’t love pictures anyway??

As I am blogging, my mom and I are looking out the window wondering what the weather is going to be doing.  It looks like we might be getting more rain.  Booo.  I am thinking our walk that we had planned is out of the question.  Maybe we will be doing some reading instead!

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Wild Weather = Wild Times

Like my title states…this summer has been completely crazy with weather here in the MN.  In fact, my mom and I just got back from shopping where we had to leave early due to weather.  My sister wouldn’t stop blowing up my phone to tell us to leave the mall immediately.  Every time I told her we had not left yet she would get madder and madder.  My mom was all giggle of course….since she is a thrill seeker & she will get her thrills any way that she can these days!  haha.  We ended up leaving just in time & missing the down pour making it back into the house literally seconds before the rain started.

Last night was a little different.  As most of you know, we had tickets to the Twins/White Sox Game!  This was my mom’s & my first time to Target Field, so we were pretty excited.  Catey (our friend & home health care aid) had signed my mom up for Agewell’s “wish” program saying that my mom would love to go to a Twin’s Game.  They kindly purchased us 4 handicap tickets & we were off to the game!  As most of you Minnesotans know last night’s weather was a DISASTER!  It rained & rained & rained & rained.  Mom, Catey, Jenna & I had a great time anyway.  We hung out at our seats & had a little dinner.  Said hi to people that we ran into.  And made friends with some security guards!  Eventually the announcement came that the game would be postponed & we began our journey back home.  We got pretty creative covering my mom up in the pouring rain & she laughed through the whole thing.  Good times!  Good Times!

Catey, Mama Jules & Jenna. I think I caught mom mid blink. Oops

Jenna ran into her cute prego friend Mickensi!


Yes...I was there too!

On Sunday we had a great time at Jenna’s brother-in-law Ben’s graduation party.  They have a great backyard…so we were able to wheel my mom around and hang out for a couple of hours.  My sister was in charge of scooping ice cream.  Go Jenna!

Ready to scoop! Forgot to get a pic of mom at this event 😦

And on Saturday night (my night off) I got to spend some time outdoors at Bayside on Lake Minnetonka with Catey, Randy, Jenna & Ross.  It was so nice having a nice evening to hang out on a porch outdoors.  The weather has just been so crazy around here.  We stayed late into the evening and watched some pretty entertaining dancing on the dance floor.  I even took some video!  I won’t post that for now.  hehe.

Ross, Jenna & Catey


And that is about all for today.  Tomorrow is Jenna’s 25th Birthday… HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY JENNA!!!  WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Prayer for Julie:  Pray for continued peace from her anxiety and skin sensations.  Still doing well!



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We love Summer!

Well, I think a week has passed since my last post.  It has been a pretty smooth and easy week for us.  We have gotten out for some walks & had some visitors that we hadn’t seen in a while.  I think that both my mom and I would give the week 2 thumbs up!

Yesterday we met my friends Renee & Dana at the Mall of America with their babies to do a little walking.  It was a bit cold outside (huge change from the 100 degree temps we were feeling 2 days before)….so we decided to walk indoors.  MOA never disappoints for some excellent people watching!  It was fun having a “play date” and hanging with the babies.  We couldn’t stop talking about how they grow so fast!

Dana & my mom

Dana's little boy Kellan

Renee & Baby Nolan

Things have been going very well for my mom lately.  He “sensations” with her skin are SO much better & our stress/emotional level is no longer off the roof.  We have finally regained our sense of normalcy.  My mom’s medication changes must have really done the trick.  We are back to enjoying our trips outside and visits with friends.  And  anxiety is back to a very low-level!  Thank you for the thoughts and prayers!

We have some fun things coming up this week that we are looking forward to .  One of them will be our first Twin’s Game at Target Field on Tuesday.  I will update more later on how we got the tickets……but we are very excited!!!  Hopefully they will pull out a win for us!

Thanks for checking in!

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Cleaning, Friends & a Baby Shower!!

The title of my blog pretty much sums up the last few days for us.  I have been cleaning & running errands like a maniac!  I had the honor of co-hosting a baby shower for my bestie Kate at my house this past weekend!!  Myself and 3 other ladies (we were all bridesmaids in Kate’s wedding) put our thinking caps together & threw a pretty cute shower if I do say so myself.  My mom had a great time…..and my sister was there to help us out as well.  Thanks Jenna!  Kate is having a baby boy who will be due at the end of August.  We are so excited for her!!  Here are some cute pics from the day.

Myself and the "mama to be"!

Everybody enjoying the party and the sangria!! Yum!

My mom getting to feel the baby kick

Kate's Niece Scarlett helping the present opening go at lightning speed. What did you get again? haha

Dana feeling the baby kick. A bit over-exposed....but still a cute pic!

Jenna always loves a good shower

And that pretty much sums up our entire weekend.  It is fun to be busy!!  I also was able to get together with Dana and Kate last night (my night off).  I just love hanging with my besties!!  Nothing can be better!

We just got back from being out in the hot weather & are now home enjoying the AC.  Summer is here!!

Prayer for Julie: Pray for continued peace from her anxiety and skin sensations.  She is still doing very well.  Our stress level has been at an all time low….and for that I am so grateful!!!!!


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