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Fun Times in the MN!

Here is a little update on what we have been up to this last week.  The weather has been wonderful & we have enjoyed getting outside as much as possible!

My cousin Aaron graduated from high school this year!  Crazy!  It officially makes me feel really old.  We went to his graduation party last Saturday and had a great time hanging out in the sun.  We also got to meet my cousin Derek’s new baby boy AJ.

Jenna, Mom and Aaron the graduate!

Myself with Gramps and Mama Jules

4 Generation Pic. Gramps, Jeff, Derek and AJ

Cousin Shawna, Cousin Derek and his wife Jessica & their kiddies Nadia and AJ

A couple of days before we went to dinner at Pairings with Catey, Amy, Mama Jules and myself.  We enjoyed the patio outside.  It was perfect!!

Mom and Amy

Catey, Mama Jules and myself. I have a crazy look on my face…but the other two look good!

And last photo of the week, my friend Kate was is in town with Baby Everett!  I was able to hang out with them for a bit on Monday….and it was super fun!

Everett and myself. He just loves his Auntie Kelly!!

Kate and Baby Boy

And that is all for today!  Thank you for checking in!!!

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Mama’s Birthday!

I am a little bit late on this post, but better late than never!  Mama Jules celebrated her 63rd birthday May 26th and we had a great week celebrating with family and friends!  Every birthday is special to us, because it means another year my mom has kicked ALS in the butt!  You go Mama Jules!!  Here are some pics of things we were up to.

On mom’s actual birthday we went as a family to the Twin’s game.  Nathan was working (like he always is lately) so we were minus one with the family.  My mom’s twin brother Jeff went to the game that day as well (since they are twins, it was his birthday too.  Get it?  haha.).  It was fun to have the Twins at the Twin’s game!  I know….my jokes are getting cheesier and cheesier.  The weather was crazy cold, windy and rainy…so we only stayed through the 6th inning.  It started to pour rain & they had a rain delay.  We ended up having a great time.  Well, Jenna put on a happy face…but she was pretty miserable.  Rain and baseball just are not her thing.

Myself, dad and the birthday girl. Had to keep her warm!

Jenna keeping that smile on her face. We are still a good 45 minutes away from first pitch!

My uncle Jeff, his son-in-law Jared (my cousin Lindsay’s husband), and Mama Jules

The next day my dad, mom and I took my grandpa to Houlihan’s to celebrate.  The restaurant is right across the street from his home, se we can roll him right over.

Are we having fun or what?

Birthday pic of Mama Jules

Gramps wanted a pic with this thing

Group pic 🙂

So, my mom and I had so much fun at the Twin’s game on her birthday, we decided to go back by ourselves the following Wednesday.  We took it as a challenge to see if we could do it on our own.  My dad sometimes hates our “adventurous” spirit, so we didn’t tell him.  hehe.  I was confident that I had the handicap parking and seating down, so off we went.  This time the weather was a lot better.  We had a great time!  I had to beg her to let us leave during the 8th inning to avoid the crowd.  This is where my mom is a little braver than me.  She would rather wait until the end & fight our way through the crowds on the way out.  The twins won!!!  It was a great day!

Mom and I at our seats!

We had a great view!

And last but not least,  Dori & Amy came over later in the week to plant geraniums as a gift to my mom!  They did this last year…and it is so exciting!  The job is usually left to me….and I don’t mind getting a break from it.  Thank you Amy and Dori!

Dori and Amy in action. What great friends!

After planting…we went on a walk through the neighborhood. Thank you Amy for mom’s new visor! She loves it!!

Ok, that is all for today.  We are heading out to a late lunch with Amy and Catey at Pairings.  We haven’t been there in a while, so we are excited!

Talk to you soon!



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