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We are Still Alive and Kicking!

Wow.  It looks like it has been a couple of weeks since I posted.  I don’t know where the time has gone!  September was such a busy month for us.  We have been enjoying a little time to relax and not run on a rigorous schedule.

This week has been up and down weather wise.  We have been out every day enjoying the last of the fall colors & semi-warm weather.  In MN you never know, it could be snowing next week!  Yesterday mom & I went to get my driver’s license renewed (so fun-haha) & visit with my grandpa.  Wednesday we went to see Footloose with a bunch of friends.  Mom, my godmother Mary & I thought it was fantastic!  The reviews were mixed from our other friends Catey, Cheryl & Amy.  My mom and I can always smile our way through a movie about dance….so maybe we are a little biased.  And Tuesday we were over at my Grandpa’s assisted living home for a visit & dinner with him.  We have dined with my grandpa quite a few times over the last few weeks.  It is great to have a little “restaurant” that is so wheelchair friendly for my mom.  Here are a couple of pics of mom & gramps together!

Mom & Gramps ready for dinner. FYI, mom doesn't eat...just enjoys our AWESOME conversation! 🙂

Mom & Gramps out for a roll in the hallway!

My dad was also gone all last week for a trip to Detroit with his dad & brother.  My grandpa Eagle is 94 years old & doing great on his own!  The three guys try to go on a trip together every year & it is a great break for my dad.  They chose Detroit this year so they could visit with relatives that they haven’t seen in a long time.  My dad had a great time & came home refreshed & ready to rake all of our leaves (which is a HUGE job at our house).  I haven’t gotten the trip pictures off my dad’s camera yet, so here is a picture from their trip last year.

Dad & my Grandpa Eagle

And that is a quick update about the Eagle Family.  Today we are heading out to run errands.  It is always great checking things off our list!  Thank you for checking in!

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