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Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

September is apparently a huge month for many of our family & friends that have birthdays.  This past month has been PACKED with birthday parties & dinners. I can finally say & am worn out!  I also celebrated my 33rd birthday & felt so loved!  It is tough getting older….but my friends & family always make it easier on me!

First up….my sister had a few of my friends over to celebrate my birthday the night of the ALS walk.  She made a cake and everything!  Thanks Jenna!  I love you!


My awesome Cake!

After dinner at Jenna & Ross’ house, it was off to Floyd’s in Victoria for some drinks!  That was an experience!  Jenna & Ross had to head off to a wedding reception, so my friends & I partied without them.

Catey, Dana, Lindsay & myself

Jen was there too!

Thank you ladies for such a fun birthday night!

The next day it was off to my Uncle John’s house for my cousin Shawna’s 13th birthday.  It was great to relax with family outside on a beautiful September day.  It was also great to have Grandpa Kast in town & able to join us.

My cousin Shawna & Her birthday cake

My cousin Lindsay & her daughter Sylvia. So cute!

After all of that weekend fun….my sister took care of my mom so I could drive to IA to meet my friend Kate’s new baby boy during the middle of the week.  Kate’s son Everett is a complete doll & I love him to pieces!  Kate also took me out for birthday sushi!  That was the best meal I have had in forever!!!!

Kate, Everett & I

Birthday Sushi!!

We love sushi!

Thank you Kate for a wonderful visit!  Thank you Jenna for watching Mama Jules so I could run off to IA!  It was perfect!

And finally, last Sunday we went to Old Chicago to celebrate my nephew Julian’s birthday & my birthday.  They are very “wheelchair friendly” so it is the perfect place for our crazy family!

My nephew's Jordan & Julian

My uncle Jeff, My dad & Grandpa Kast

The Group. I think Julian was feeling a little camera shy

And that sums up the last week or so for us!  I hope that you enjoyed our pics!  Things are finally settling down for us around here….so we look forward to a little relaxation.  We did go for a walk yesterday with our friend Amy & it was beautiful outside!  This 80 degree weather is not bad.  We will take it!


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Great Day to Walk for a Cause!

This past Saturday, as most of my blog readers know, was the walk to Dfeet ALS!  We had such a wonderful time again this year & felt the love, love, love!  Thank you to all those that joined us & those that donated!  Our team, “Julie’s Eagle Wings”, raised about $2,000 this year!  AWESOME!!!!  We didn’t manage to get a picture with our entire team, but we got a pretty large chunk of them.  It gets hard to round everybody up!  I also had some cute ribbons made for our team to wear.  They turned out great!  Now for the fun part….pictures!!

Most of our Team! Which camera are we looking at?

Family Picture! Nathan was able to make it this year with his fam bam

Lets get Aaron, Shawna & Uncle John in there!

Jenna's Driving Mom!

And we are walking!

Ribbons that we had made for our team! Turned out pretty cute!

Jen & Lindsay!

My close gal pals & Mama Jules

Sister Pic!

Dad & Ross at breakfast after the walk. D'brians is always a must!

Thank you again to everybody that made the walk such a success!  Mama Jules felt very honored as well!  xoxoxo to you all!

I will do another post soon about the rest of the weekend.  That isn’t all that we did!  The excitement kept on going….

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Family Picnic

Today, my mom and I decided to join my grandpa for his family picnic at his new home!  It was so much fun!  Is it weird that my mom and I are having such a great time hanging out at my grandpa’s assisted living home?  There was all kinds of food, decorations, and band music!  Woot Woot!  Near the beginning, I got a call from my sister seeing what we were up to.  I told her we were at the picnic and having a great time!  Once I mentioned the grilled corn, my sister saw this as a huge selling point & drove her car on over as well.  We had a lovely afternoon of eating, chatting with the community & snapping our fingers to a little “Roll out the Barrel”.  I just love watching the seniors dance!  So cute!  haha.  Here are some fun pics from our afternoon.  I am so happy that my grandpa is enjoying MN so far…and he seems very happy with where he is living.  God has been watching over us during this move home for him!

Grandpa goofing around with his cotton candy

Jenna of course saw this as a good photo opportunity!

There is the yummy corn!

Mom and Gramps. She was smiling lots that day. I just caught her off guard!


That is all for today!  Had to share the fun with you!


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Visits with Grandpa

This past week has been a lot of fun for my mom and I.  My Grandpa (my mom’s dad) is now settled at his new home and seems to be doing very well there.  It has been a stressful transition getting him home to MN.  My mom’s brother Jeff & his wife Sam had to really straighten things out to get gramps home from his recovery center in FL.  Thank you Sam & Jeff!  We have seen grandpa 4 times in the last week…and we look forward to hanging out with him lots more!!

Mom, John, Jeff, Grandpa & myself enjoyed a nice chat outside at Grandpa's place

Grandpa, Mom, Jeff, Derek & Jared watching the Vikings game on Sunday

And on a fun note, this last Saturday my girl friends & I got a hotel room downtown to celebrate Catey’s birthday!  We had such a great time bar hopping that night!  I was sure lacking sleep when getting home on Sunday…but it was well worth it!

Lindsay, Catey, Dana & I. Woot Woot!

Thank you to all the friends and family that are joining us September 24th for the ALS walk!  We are very excited for one of our favorite days of the year.  Thank you also for the generous donations.  We are looking good this year!  It is not too late to join us.  If you are interested in donating or walking with us click here.

Thanks for checking in!

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Labor Day Weekend

It was a very eventful weekend for the Eagle family this past Labor Day.  Our first exciting bit of news is that our Grandpa Kast (my mom’s dad) is now back in MN after a summer in the hospital and rehab down in Florida.  This has been quite a feat getting grandpa to agree to come home and move into an assisted living home.  I know that my mom has many friends going through this same situation with their parents.  I think that all the baby boomers have parents that are hitting the same age.  And they are all complaining about how they refuse to live through another Minnesota winter.  My grandpa doesn’t really understand that we believe his move is permanent, so we are praying he will adjust well to his new living quarters.  It will be SO WONDERFUL getting to see our Grandpa Kast year round.  My mom has really missed him over the past years since she was not able to fly to Florida for a visit anymore.  My aunt Sam & Grandpa came over for a long visit on Saturday, and then came back on Sunday and had a family barbaque with us.  Nathan also brought his boys over.  Don’t you just love family gatherings?

Grandpa and mom hanging out

Dad, Jordan, Nate & grandpa

Last Friday my dad took the day off & we went to see “The Help” for a second time (for my mom and I that is).  Jenna was able to join us & then we headed to Biaggi’s for a fun dinner after.  It is not often that we get to do dinner and a movie as a family.

Yesterday we went to the Twin’s game with Jenna & Catey.  Catey is our friend that also helps us out.  The ALS association sent her to us…and we thank God that they did!  She got us Twin’s tickets through her employer, our healthcare company, “Agewell” so my mom could be sent as “a wish”.  This was a makeup game from back in June, so we were glad to finally  see the players in action.  Most people that know my mom know that she is a HUGE baseball fan!  We ran into a bunch of friends (including my mom’s brother John) while we were there.  It was a great night!

Mom, Catey, Jenna & I

Mom & Jenna

We found my mom's brother John & his friend Barbara!

And on a final note…it is not too late to join our team for the ALS walk or support us with a donation!  If you are interested….click here.  Thank you again for all of the love and support!

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