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Picture Diary

Hello friends!  Ok, it has been forever since I have given an update & so much has been happening!  I thought that I would provide a little picture diary since pictures are so much more fun to look at than reading pages and pages.  Here are some bits and pieces!

First off, in August I went to Missouri to meet up with 2 close friends from college.  We had such a great time!  I am lucky to have such amazing friends in my life.  My sister and dad stepped up to the plate to help with Mama Jules.  Everything went great while I was away!

Heather, Teresa and I first night out!

Second day out at the winery!

Haha. We are so funny!

Thanks girls for a great weekend!!

Next up, Jenna and Ross got a new puppy named Jackson!  He is a bundle of fun & energy.  He is also super cute!!!

Jackson’s first day home!

Jackson on Mama Jule’s lap!

The cutie family

Jackson and his auntie Kelly!

Thank you for bringing new-found fun to our lives Jackson!

A few weeks ago my friend Susan was in town.  She has been living in Chile for a couple of years now…so it is always great to see her when she is in the states.  I have known Susan since I was four years old!

Susan spent the day with my mom and I. We took Jules on a long walk & then off to Costco!

2 weeks ago my mom and I got our haircut from my cousin Lindsay.  This isn’t a new experience for us…but I captured a cute pic this time!

Lindsay cutting Mama Jules hair!

Lindsay works at the Beauty Room in Minneapolis & does a great job!  Check her out!

The next day we met my friend Renee at MOA to do some walking and window shopping with her little boy Nolan.  He is such a cutie!  I have known Renee since the day I was born.  I used to watch her roll over with envy 🙂

Grabbing a coffee at MOA with Renee & Nolan

The next day we went to my cousin Lindsay’s house to meet her new baby Ike.  My aunt and uncle were there too….so we had a little impromptu outdoor party!

Lindsay and Baby Ike

Enjoying the weather at Lindsay and Jared’s!

Myself and Baby Ike!

A couple of weeks ago my mom and I headed over to my brother’s house to take the boys to the park.  We don’t head over to his house very often because we cannot get the wheelchair inside & he lives about a half hour away.  With his crazy work schedule, we were able to find time for a little visit.  The boys are growing up so fast & they are both very sweet.  I am a proud auntie!

Nathan, Jordan & Julian

And that brings us to Labor Day weekend.  My mom and I enjoyed the weather and went on two very long walks.  My dad finished re-painting the deck and back of house.  My mom and I just hung out.  It was pretty un-eventful.  We did take my Grandpa to Houlihan’s on Labor day & had a lot of laughs.  We are quite a comical group between the five of us.

Jenna and gramps.


And that is about it for now!  We are gearing up for fall around here & hope to have another fantastic winter like last year.  Fingers crossed!

Also, please refer to the next post if you would like to join our team for the ALS walk!  It is September 22nd this year & we always have a great time!  Thank you to those that have signed up to join us.  And thank you also for the generous donations!!  We are looking forward to another wonderful walk!


















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