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Hi Everybody!

Hi Everyone!  Did you miss us?  I am not sure why I have gone through such a blogging drought.  Maybe it was because I have been dealing with a terrible cold & a slight case of the stomach flu.  All is better now…and we are getting back into a normal routine.

Yesterday we went to see “The Descendants” with our Godmother Mary.  It was a really great movie!  We all enjoyed it.  It was also nice to look at such beautiful Hawaiian scenery when we are stuck here in the dead of winter.  Snow is finally sticking to the ground here in MN & the temperatures have plummeted.  I can’t really complain, because we have been very spoiled here thus far.  It couldn’t last forever!

Jenna’s Swarm season starts this weekend & we are excited to attend their home opener.  The games are really fun & exciting to go to.  It also helps that we get great handicap season tickets for free!  If you are a Minnesotan & have never been to a game….you should go!  Here is the link to check them out:  I know that my family & I look forward to attending all of the home games!  We are section 119 if you want to stop by and visit :).

We still visit with my grandpa (my mom’s dad) about 3 days a week.  We enjoy chatting with him, watching Ellen & having dinner.  He still seems in good spirits & not too mad about being stuck in MN through the winter.  I know he would love to be in FL…but realizes it isn’t possible right now.  I would hate for him to not be here because he makes my mom laugh so much!  I just love it!

That is about all for now.  My mom continues to be in good health with no signs of cellulitis coming back.  Please continue praying for her!  We LOVE staying away from the hospital!

Thanks for the love and support!


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!!  I rang in the New Year with a cold that knocked my on my _ss.  Grrrr!  I have been sleeping the last few days & forcing my mom to watch lots of TV.  She has been very kind to me….and I am thankful!  I am feeling SO MUCH better today, so I am getting some things accomplished!  First on my list, updating my blog with pics from Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, we went over to Jenna & Ross’ house with Ross’ family & had a great evening with dinner and present opening.  Our friends the Rasmussen’s came over & our Godmother Mary, so we had quite a little party going on at one point.

Hanging Out

Guys in the kitchen

Ross heading up the table

We had a great time!  The next day, it was our turn to host dinner for the family.  After opening our family presents in the morning, Jenna stayed to help me get ready for everybody & we were ready to party!  Click the link below if you would like to see our little 1 minute video

Eagle Christmas 2011

Yay for presents!

Nathan & his wife Souvanny

Shawna & Julian coloring

Uncle John Helping Gramps Zip His Jacket. Aaaaah

After Christmas was over, we spent the week putting the house back together & relaxing a bit.  We have also been hanging out with gramps a bunch.  One fun thing that we did was take him to Houlihan’s for dinner.  We are such crazy fun people!  haha.

We hope that everybody had a fantastic New Year’s Eve!  We hope for happiness and GREAT health in 2012!

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Getting in the Holiday Spirit!

Since being in the hospital, we are trying to make up for a lost week (in December) by getting all of our presents purchased, plans organized & fun Christmas activities done!  Here are a couple of highlights from our month (pre-hospital & post-hospital).

Every now and then we meet at my grandpa’s place on a Friday and have a little pizza party.  These pics are from right before the hospital.  My mom and I had gotten him a little tree so he could get into the holiday spirit!

Jenna posing with the tree

Gramps enjoying his pizza. He is so cute!

The following week (when mama Jules was in the hospital) my aunt and uncle accompanied my grandpa to his holiday party where he lives.  I just think this picture is super cute!  I am glad to see him so happy & embracing living in MN

Next up, Macy’s 8th floor.  Most Minnesotan’s know about the 8th floor display downtown.  When Macy’s used to be Dayton’s and Marshall Fields the displays were beautiful and a holiday tradition for most families.  Since Macy’s has taken over, the display has been repeated for the last few years….but we still go for the “tradition”.  We always go with my mom’s friend Amy & this year Catey & Cheryl joined us as well.  We finished with lunch in the sky room.  It was the perfect day!

Group pic

Cheryl & Catey

Amy having fun!

And last but not least, here are some more pictures from Jenna’s cookie party.  We had a blast as usual!  Great party baby bird!

The Cookie Crew


Dental Hygiene ladies

SPT ladies

EP ladies

Crazy Ladies!

Loving Mama Jules

Fun Pic

As you can see…we had a great time!  Thank you Amy for taking such great pictures!

Yesterday I was able to get together with my besties for a cookie exchange.  We forgot to take a picture.  Oops!  That rarely happens!   Today we are off to my cousin Aaron’s birthday party in St. Paul.  Let the partying continue!

Happy Holidays Everybody!  There may not be any snow here….but that is ok with us!  MN is so “wheelchair friendly” right now.  Love it!!


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Quick Update

Day 3 in the hospital and things are looking up.  My mom’s rash is fading, which means that the antibiotics are working.  She seems to have more spunk today & is showing signs of boredom.  This usually means she is back to her normal self.  My mom hates just lying around and watching TV.  Hanging out in a hospital room can drive you a bit crazy.  We don’t know of a discharge date yet.  My family doesn’t really even ask because we want to make sure this thing is taken care of before we go.  Our main focus upon arriving back home will be keeping my mom’s immune system up to fight bacteria off.  Cellulitis can be a reoccurring thing…..and we can’t be in the hospital every month.  That would be no fun!  I am assuming we will be here another couple of days.  Between my dad, sister & I… of us is always with my mom.  I am mostly here because my dad and sister both had to work today.  My dad will come give me a couple of hours tonight & Jenna will give me a couple tomorrow.

That is about it.  Thank you for the continued prayers & positive energy!



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Movies, Thanksgiving and Fun!

Happy Holidays everybody!!  The season is in full swing & I find myself behind on my blogs.  We have been doing well around here.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family & we have both of our trees up & decorated for Christmas.  Here are some highlights from the last 2 weeks

The day that Twilight Breaking Dawn came out in theaters we had to go see it!  My dad even took a half day off from work so we could go as a family.  Most people know that my mom is not a huge Twilight fan, but she takes one for the team & goes with us every time.  So, we got some nice family time in with my dad & sister at the movies!

Mom and I outside of theater. Doesn't she look thrilled? haha

Ahhh. She is so cute

And of course we had our first snowfall of the season.  It has already melted away (which I LOVE) but I am sure it will be back soon.  So far the season has been very “wheelchair friendly” to us.  I hope that it holds out

View from our Family Room window

And now we are on to Thanksgiving.  This year we changed it up a little bit and went to my Aunt Sam & Uncle Jeff’s house.  My Grandpa Kast (who I write about all of the time) is here in MN this year.  It has been more than a decade since we have had him in MN for the holidays.  It made the day very special!  My mom’s brother John stopped over for dessert with my cousins a little later…but the pictures on my camera did not work.  Here are some highlights!

Thanksgiving 2011

Aunt Sam & Grandpa Kast

Ross, Jenna, Roger, Kelly, Jeff, Sam, Grandpa & Mama Jules

Jenna learned how to make gravy

Such a fun day & so much to be thankful for!  Thank you Sam & Jeff for having us!

And last but not least, Jenna has been gearing up for her Swarm season that begins in January.  She loves dancing with her friends/teammates every Monday at practice.  Here are a couple of Jenna pics from this season’s photo shoot

Sassy Jenna

Fun Jenna

2012 SPT!

If you are interested in purchasing game tickets or checking out the Swarm or Swarm Performance Team go to

That is my random post for the day!  Hope you could keep up!  I look forward to updating more soon.  I will try to be better!

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Shopping and Babies!

Well, about a week has passed since my last post.  My mom has been feeling great since her last hospital visit.  We have been getting out of the house quite a bit & her energy seems great.  Keep those prayers coming for her to stay hospital free!

Last Saturday we had a fun outing.  Our family friend Cate Lantz Mezyk (fashion blog auther at had a pop-up-shop for local vendors to share their goodies with the public.  We had a great time!  Jenna & our friend Catey were able to join us as well.  Between the 4 of us, we left with lots of fun finds!  Thank you Cate for putting together such a fun event!

Myself, mama Jules, Cate Mezyk, Jane Lantz & Jenna at the Wild Ruffle Pop Up Shop

This past Friday Jenna & Ross took my dad out to dinner.  My dad doesn’t get to go out to eat that often (at fun new places), so he was excited for an adult night out with the semi-newlyweds. The man works way too hard! I think he even enjoyed a cocktail.  Now that is a fun night!

The threesome heading out

While they were out to dinner, my friends Kate & Elliott Florer brought their baby Everett over to meet my mom!  They were in MN up from IA for a few days & it was so great to see them!  My mom loved meeting Everett & he seemed to love Mama Jules as well.  We placed him in her lap where he seemed happy & comfortable.  After 20 minutes…he even put himself to sleep.  It was so adorable & special!  We just loved it!

Everett sleeping in Mama Jules' lap

Mama Jules, Everett, Kate & Myself. I always get crazy eyes for some reason

Everett in the cute onesie I got him. His dad is a cop! So cute!

And that is a quick update of the Eagle excitement this past week.  We have still been visiting Grandpa Kast about 3 times a week at his “assisted living” home.  He still says he is out of here when the snow hits the ground.  We are hoping he will adjust his plans and stick out the winter here in MN.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Thank you for checking in!  Kelly

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Hospital Days…..

As most of you know, we have been admitted into the hospital again with the diagnosis of Cellulitis.  This is the same thing that we were here for a couple of months ago.  Our last time admitted we were here about 5 days.  This stay will be about 4 days.  It looks like we might get to go home tomorrow!  Fingers crossed!

We started to notice symptoms with my mom last week.  She was getting “hot flashes” every afternoon & we assumed that they were hormone related.  Thursday afternoon she spiked a temperature, but still had no rash.  Friday my mom was feeling pretty well during the day, so we decided to go bring my grandpa dinner & have a little visit.  Once we got there my mom developed a severe case of the chills.  By the time we got back home & in bed she had a fever & was starting to look a little pink on her inner thighs & bottom.  We decided to keep an eye on it…..since we knew the rash would be the telling sign.  A couple of hours later, the rash was in full effect.  We decided to head to the ER the next morning.  Jenna came over to our house super early to help get mom ready & fed so I could get showered and packed up.  Dad had gotten up even earlier to head to work for a couple of hours (the man never stops).

The ER was empty (this was a first for us)!  We got in right away & diagnosed rather quickly.  I think my mom was up in her ICU room by 2:00.  That was record timing for us!  My dad had left at 12:30 to get more work done at home since he was going to return to the hospital to give me the night off.  Woot Woot!  First night in the hospital & it happened to land on my night off!  haha.  Dad did great.  I think it was his first time staying over night.  He found his reclining chair surprisingly comfortable & mom seemed happy when I showed up Sunday morning.  Since then, I have been on full-time.  Dad & Jenna are back at work today.  Just because we are in the hospital, life still goes on.  Team Eagle is in full effect!

Dad caring for his favorite gal

Jenna showing her love for Mama Jules

So, all in all, my mom’s rash has disappeared & the antibiotics seem to be doing the trick.  We look forward to heading home tomorrow.  Thank you friends & family for all of the kind messages!  I know that they help my mom keep her spirits up when we take minor steps back such as this.  She feels so loved!!!


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Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

September is apparently a huge month for many of our family & friends that have birthdays.  This past month has been PACKED with birthday parties & dinners. I can finally say & am worn out!  I also celebrated my 33rd birthday & felt so loved!  It is tough getting older….but my friends & family always make it easier on me!

First up….my sister had a few of my friends over to celebrate my birthday the night of the ALS walk.  She made a cake and everything!  Thanks Jenna!  I love you!


My awesome Cake!

After dinner at Jenna & Ross’ house, it was off to Floyd’s in Victoria for some drinks!  That was an experience!  Jenna & Ross had to head off to a wedding reception, so my friends & I partied without them.

Catey, Dana, Lindsay & myself

Jen was there too!

Thank you ladies for such a fun birthday night!

The next day it was off to my Uncle John’s house for my cousin Shawna’s 13th birthday.  It was great to relax with family outside on a beautiful September day.  It was also great to have Grandpa Kast in town & able to join us.

My cousin Shawna & Her birthday cake

My cousin Lindsay & her daughter Sylvia. So cute!

After all of that weekend fun….my sister took care of my mom so I could drive to IA to meet my friend Kate’s new baby boy during the middle of the week.  Kate’s son Everett is a complete doll & I love him to pieces!  Kate also took me out for birthday sushi!  That was the best meal I have had in forever!!!!

Kate, Everett & I

Birthday Sushi!!

We love sushi!

Thank you Kate for a wonderful visit!  Thank you Jenna for watching Mama Jules so I could run off to IA!  It was perfect!

And finally, last Sunday we went to Old Chicago to celebrate my nephew Julian’s birthday & my birthday.  They are very “wheelchair friendly” so it is the perfect place for our crazy family!

My nephew's Jordan & Julian

My uncle Jeff, My dad & Grandpa Kast

The Group. I think Julian was feeling a little camera shy

And that sums up the last week or so for us!  I hope that you enjoyed our pics!  Things are finally settling down for us around here….so we look forward to a little relaxation.  We did go for a walk yesterday with our friend Amy & it was beautiful outside!  This 80 degree weather is not bad.  We will take it!


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Great Day to Walk for a Cause!

This past Saturday, as most of my blog readers know, was the walk to Dfeet ALS!  We had such a wonderful time again this year & felt the love, love, love!  Thank you to all those that joined us & those that donated!  Our team, “Julie’s Eagle Wings”, raised about $2,000 this year!  AWESOME!!!!  We didn’t manage to get a picture with our entire team, but we got a pretty large chunk of them.  It gets hard to round everybody up!  I also had some cute ribbons made for our team to wear.  They turned out great!  Now for the fun part….pictures!!

Most of our Team! Which camera are we looking at?

Family Picture! Nathan was able to make it this year with his fam bam

Lets get Aaron, Shawna & Uncle John in there!

Jenna's Driving Mom!

And we are walking!

Ribbons that we had made for our team! Turned out pretty cute!

Jen & Lindsay!

My close gal pals & Mama Jules

Sister Pic!

Dad & Ross at breakfast after the walk. D'brians is always a must!

Thank you again to everybody that made the walk such a success!  Mama Jules felt very honored as well!  xoxoxo to you all!

I will do another post soon about the rest of the weekend.  That isn’t all that we did!  The excitement kept on going….

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Big Weekend!

Yes folks!  The time has come.  The countdown to the Walk to D’feet ALS!  I just wanted to throw a friendly reminder out there to those of you that would still like to sign up to join our team or honor us with a donation.  Either way, we would love the support!  Thank you to all of you that have already signed up!!  We are looking forward to nice weather, (doesn’t look like rain for the first year in a long time), great conversation, and fun…fun…fun!  If you are interested click HERE.  You can even sign up to be a virtual walker!  Thank you again everybody!  I look forward to posting pictured from our big day!

Last years group!


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