Fun Times in the MN!

Here is a little update on what we have been up to this last week.  The weather has been wonderful & we have enjoyed getting outside as much as possible!

My cousin Aaron graduated from high school this year!  Crazy!  It officially makes me feel really old.  We went to his graduation party last Saturday and had a great time hanging out in the sun.  We also got to meet my cousin Derek’s new baby boy AJ.

Jenna, Mom and Aaron the graduate!

Myself with Gramps and Mama Jules

4 Generation Pic. Gramps, Jeff, Derek and AJ

Cousin Shawna, Cousin Derek and his wife Jessica & their kiddies Nadia and AJ

A couple of days before we went to dinner at Pairings with Catey, Amy, Mama Jules and myself.  We enjoyed the patio outside.  It was perfect!!

Mom and Amy

Catey, Mama Jules and myself. I have a crazy look on my face…but the other two look good!

And last photo of the week, my friend Kate was is in town with Baby Everett!  I was able to hang out with them for a bit on Monday….and it was super fun!

Everett and myself. He just loves his Auntie Kelly!!

Kate and Baby Boy

And that is all for today!  Thank you for checking in!!!

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Mama’s Birthday!

I am a little bit late on this post, but better late than never!  Mama Jules celebrated her 63rd birthday May 26th and we had a great week celebrating with family and friends!  Every birthday is special to us, because it means another year my mom has kicked ALS in the butt!  You go Mama Jules!!  Here are some pics of things we were up to.

On mom’s actual birthday we went as a family to the Twin’s game.  Nathan was working (like he always is lately) so we were minus one with the family.  My mom’s twin brother Jeff went to the game that day as well (since they are twins, it was his birthday too.  Get it?  haha.).  It was fun to have the Twins at the Twin’s game!  I know….my jokes are getting cheesier and cheesier.  The weather was crazy cold, windy and rainy…so we only stayed through the 6th inning.  It started to pour rain & they had a rain delay.  We ended up having a great time.  Well, Jenna put on a happy face…but she was pretty miserable.  Rain and baseball just are not her thing.

Myself, dad and the birthday girl. Had to keep her warm!

Jenna keeping that smile on her face. We are still a good 45 minutes away from first pitch!

My uncle Jeff, his son-in-law Jared (my cousin Lindsay’s husband), and Mama Jules

The next day my dad, mom and I took my grandpa to Houlihan’s to celebrate.  The restaurant is right across the street from his home, se we can roll him right over.

Are we having fun or what?

Birthday pic of Mama Jules

Gramps wanted a pic with this thing

Group pic 🙂

So, my mom and I had so much fun at the Twin’s game on her birthday, we decided to go back by ourselves the following Wednesday.  We took it as a challenge to see if we could do it on our own.  My dad sometimes hates our “adventurous” spirit, so we didn’t tell him.  hehe.  I was confident that I had the handicap parking and seating down, so off we went.  This time the weather was a lot better.  We had a great time!  I had to beg her to let us leave during the 8th inning to avoid the crowd.  This is where my mom is a little braver than me.  She would rather wait until the end & fight our way through the crowds on the way out.  The twins won!!!  It was a great day!

Mom and I at our seats!

We had a great view!

And last but not least,  Dori & Amy came over later in the week to plant geraniums as a gift to my mom!  They did this last year…and it is so exciting!  The job is usually left to me….and I don’t mind getting a break from it.  Thank you Amy and Dori!

Dori and Amy in action. What great friends!

After planting…we went on a walk through the neighborhood. Thank you Amy for mom’s new visor! She loves it!!

Ok, that is all for today.  We are heading out to a late lunch with Amy and Catey at Pairings.  We haven’t been there in a while, so we are excited!

Talk to you soon!



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Girlie Time!!

As most of you know through FB (since everybody is obsessed with me…haha), I recently went to Colorado for a super fun 4 day girlie weekend.  While I was gone my dad and sister pulled together to take care of Mama Jules.  I am happy to report that all went well!  My mom has been feeling great lately & we all seem to be healthy and happy.  Thank you dad and Jenna for allowing me some respite!

The day before I left we got out for a walk with our friends Catey and Amy.  That whole week I had been trying to keep us busy since I knew my mom would have to stay in bed the 4 days I was gone.

Mom, Catey and Amy

Myself and Mama Jules

The next day I was off to Frisco, CO.  3 of us ladies were flying from MN, one from IA, one from KS and 2 were from Denver.  It was so much fun.  Thank you Maura Mackintosh and Kate Florer for hosting!!  Here are a few pics

Just off the plane and heading up into the mountains. (myself and Hilary)

Kate is ready to party it up in the mountains

The group in Vail the following day

Out for the night on “Cinco de Mayo”. Sorry Dana…had to post this one!

Dinner before all the craziness began

Dinner in Frisco

View from the home we were staying in.

Thanks ladies for a wonderful trip!!

After I got back from my trip, our schedule was booked.  We have been out every day and keeping extremely busy.  We had an appointment with my mom’s infectious disease doctor and were able to get 5 refills for antibiotic when/if her cellulitis comes back.  This is really exciting!!  It means we will avoid having a 5 day hospital stays again.  Thank the Lord!!!

Last Saturday my mom and I went to Aimee Reller’s bridal shower.  Aimee is one of Jenna’s “besties” and she is going to be one of her bridesmaids next month!  It was such a fun shower.  Congrats Aimee!

At the shower. Caitlin, Aimee & Jenna

Aimee practicing cutting the cake!

That evening we went to the Swarm game.  The Swarm had won their first playoff game the weekend before…so MN was hosting the division finals that night!  It was great to have another game….even though we didn’t play very well.  That’s ok.  We are proud of your fantastic season Swarm!!  We can’t wait for next year!

Jenna shaking her thing one last time!

And last up….Mother’s Day!  We were all completely exhausted from such a busy week/weekend, but we knew we had to find a fun way to honor our mom.  We like to think that we honor her every day….but why not honor her some more?  So, after doing card presentation and giving mom her hanging plant gift we headed out for a Mother’s Day walk.  The weather was perfect and we had a lovely time.  I think Mama Jules had a great time!

Jenna reading Mama Jules her card. After we had to argue about which card was better (of course mine was! haha).

I think that will be it for now.  This post has taken me 3 days to write.  Life is crazy around here!  I hope that all the Mothers out there had a very Happy Mother’s Day!  I know that being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there.  I know that I could not ask for a better mom.  I honor her every day by showing her my love in return.  We make quite a pair!

xoxo, Kelly

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Family – Gotta Love Them!

It has been another fun couple of weeks around here.  My mom and I have been getting out TONS!!  I have had a couple of fun girlie nights with friends, we have attended Swarm games 3 weekends in a row, we saw princess Diana’s dresses at MOA & topped it off with a big party for Grandpa Kast’s 87th birthday yesterday!  Here are some pics from all we have been up to!

Mom, myself, Cheryl, Amy, Louann, Catey & Dorathy at the Princess Diana exhibit. Princess Di was always one of my mom's favorites!

One of her Tiara's! The jewels were GORGEOUS!!

Her wedding cake! (duplicate..duh!)

Next up….Swarm game pics!  Jenna was also “Girl of the Week” and “Girl of the Game”  at the last game.  Click the link below if you would like to read her little interview & see more pics!

Jenna Interview


Jenna's in-laws, her husband Ross, and my mom and dad waiting for the Swarm game to begin!!

Jenna cheering on the team as they enter the field

Get that crowd going!

Taking the field. Jenna is far left!

Next up….Grandpa Kast’s birthday barbecue.  Yesterday was the perfect day to have everybody over to our house!

Shawna, Aaron, Uncle John & Barbara with Mama Jules

Birthday Boy

Grandpa’s Birthday Video!

Uncle John with Grandpa and Pat

Pat and Grandpa. It was so much fun having Pat join us! It was a fun little reunion 😉

Jenna, Sylvia (our cousin Lindsay's daughter) and myself. We are showing off our maternal sides! haha

Aunt Sam, Lindsay, Jared & Uncle Jeff

That is all for today!  I am heading to CO this weekend for some “ladies weekend” fun!  Mom and I will be buzzing around town all week trying to get everything in shape for Jenna and Dad this weekend!  Thanks for letting me go family!!!

xoxo, Kelly




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Ok, so my mom has cellulitis AGAIN!!  Grr.  This time we are treating her at home with oral antibiotics & they seem to be working.  On Tuesday my mom began her usual chills & rash.  This is becoming routine for us now.  Luckily my mom’s infectious disease doctor from the hospital kept a prescription refill on hand for us in case symptoms returned.  Thank the Lord!  This means that we didn’t have to head straight to the emergency room & endure another 5 day ordeal.  So far so good.  Her chills & fever have disappeared and the rash is not growing.  Continued prayers for a speedy recovery are greatly appreciated!!

Our Easter at the Eagle house was pretty un-eventful.  We did manage to get some Easter baskets over to my nephews who sent us a photo showing their excitement.  Such cuties!

Julian & Jordan. My brother Nathan's boys

A couple of weeks ago my Grandpa Eagle came to MN for a visit from Upper Michigan.  He is 94 years old and managed a 12 hour car trip on his own.  He is amazing and in great health!  We kept him super busy the 4 days that he was here.  We were all exhausted when the weekend was over…but we sure had a great time!

Grandpa with Jenna at the Swarm Game

Mom, Dad & gramps getting ready for the Swarm to take the field


We all went over to dine with Grandpa Kast. The Grandpa's had a great time together!

Jenna & Ross had us over for dinner with the Narloch family

We all fit!

Dad & Gramps

Mom & Gramps. Mom was not in a "picture taking" kind of mood. This was the best I could do.


That is about all for now.  Up until the Cellulitis came back, we have been enjoying walks, shopping & friends.  This is hopefully just a minor set back & mom’s body with be back to its normal self soon.  We are thankful for being home (even though we are now cooped up).  It beats the hospital any day!!

Thank you for the continued prayers and support!


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Let the Hunger Games Begin!

This past week has been fun for Mama Jules! We have stayed really busy doing various activities & visiting with family and friends.  We managed to go for several walks in the BEAUTIFUL weather and enjoyed seeing all the new signs of spring.

My dad kissing my mom in the car before we head over to the pond for our walk

My mom's view from her bed! Spring is here!

On Saturday I went over to my friend Dana’s house to do some grilling.  We hadn’t been able to catch up in a while…so it was a ton of fun.  Thank you Dana & Aaron for a great dinner!  I loved getting to hang out with their little guy Kellan.  He has grown up so much since I last saw him!

Kellan, Dana & I

Yesterday my mom and I went to see the Hunger Games with our friend Amy!  We loved it!!!!  I think I will have to go see that one again.  My dad decided he needed to go right when we got home & headed out.  Jenna had seen it a few days before.  I guess that you could say my whole family is loving the Games!

That is a quick update for now!  Let’s hope this week is as much fun as last week! 🙂


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Out and About

Well, we have been out of the hospital for a few weeks now & doing very well.  My mom’s cellulitis responded very well to the antibiotics & now we start over again.  We appreciate the continued prayers for my mom!  This time we will have an antibiotic re-fill available if we start to see my mom showing early symptoms.  That could work out great for us!  We will keep our fingers crossed!

We have been up to all sorts of stuff around here.  Last week we got out of the house for several walks in the record-breaking MN weather!  It is awesome to be out walking in March!  One day we walked through Jenna’s neighborhood & then did manicures on her front step.  Heaven!

Jenna sitting on her neighborhood sign

Manicures in the sunshine

My dad has also been out doing some car shopping.  We took my mom around with us one day to a bunch of dealerships so my dad could show her what he was thinking about getting.  My mom doesn’t get very excited about cars…but she was a good sport.  He ended up getting a black Kia Optima & he is happy as can be!

Dad shopping for cars

2 weekends ago I went to Iowa to visit with my friend Kate & her family.  Our friend Michelle was flying in from Colorado to meet Kate’s little baby.  It was great to get an opportunity to visit with all of them!

And that brings us to last weekend.  St. Patrick’s day!  I got to drive down to Owatonna for the night to hang out with some friends.  Catey & Randy were having a party & then we hit the bar scene for a bit.  Who knew Owatonna had such night life?  We had a blast!

And that is about all for now folks.  Now that spring is here….we anticipate being out and about a lot!  I will try to do a good job keeping you updated.  For now, Mama Jules is healthy and happy enjoying the season!  Thank you for checking in!

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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Hello Friends,

As most of our friends & family know by now….we are in the hospital again with Cellulitis.  On Monday my mom went from looking great, to having the chills really badly within a matter of minutes.  After I had bundled her up with blankets, the chills continued & I knew that I should start searching for the dreaded rash on her body.  As I lifted up her blankets…there it was.  Her upper right thigh was starting to turn a shade of pink & I just knew that it wrapped around to her pressure sore on her bottom.  It has been three months since our last ER visit & we have been so proud of the fact that my mom has been doing so well.  This was a huge bummer.  After calling my dad to let him know…we packed up & headed out.  The ER wasn’t too busy which was a bonus.  My mom’s temp was 103 & her chills continued to be pretty bad.  After the usual blood work & tests run, we transferred up to the ICU & that is where we reside now.

Mom & Dad in the ER. Doesn't she look thrilled that I found this a great photo-op?

My mom was pretty exhausted the first night & her blood pressure was really low, but she is now feeling a lot better.  We also had a really hard time getting an IV in her.  Both of her arms are pretty bruised up from all the pokes.

My mom's hand after an IV was not in all of the way. Her arm swelled up & she is now working on re-absorbing all the fluid.

I spent the first night with her & Jenna spent last night with her.  My dad is taking a couple of days off work this time, and he will be spending the night tonight.  I really appreciate having them more available this time.  I think I was a bit overwhelmed the last time we were here…because they both had to work.  I went a little stir crazy & was severely lacking in a good nights sleep.  I feel much for refreshed this time.  Whew!

Thank you for all of the prayers & well wishes.  I am thinking we will be here for a couple of more days.  I think it will be the usual drill.  We will go home with 2 weeks of oral antibiotics & hope for the best!  Thank you to the amazing nurses here at Methodist!  It is comforting to know so many of them & they know us.  They adapt to our crazy family quite well!



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Love, Laughter & Loss

Wow.  So much time has passed since my last blog….and so much has happened!  My mom has been staying healthy & enjoying the AMAZING Minnesota winter!!  We did get dumped down upon last night, but due to the way our winter is going, it should be gone in no time!

Jenna’s Swarm Lacrosse season has started & we have been to all 4 home games.  The games have been awesome this year & the energy from the crowd is contagious.  You can’t help but smile and have a great time!!  Here are a few pics from this season

Jenna in action

J's biggest fans!

Jenna & Her Daddy

Our great handicap season tickets! Dad, Ross & Sam

Mel, Brenda & Karin came to the home opener!

I have a lot more pics…but I won’t bore you with those!  I am sure I will be posting more throughout the season :).

Jenna still comes over a couple of nights a week to see mom & give me the night off.  My mom always loves her time with baby bird

My friend Kate came into town from IA with her precious little baby boy Everett.  I was excited I got to hang out with her a couple of times and catch up.  She stopped over with Everett before heading back to IA on Sunday so Mama Jules could see how fast he was growing!  What a sweet baby!

Mom and Everett

Kate and Everett

Thanks for stopping over Kate!

Yesterday my dad turned 65!  Happy Birthday Dad!  Jenna, Ross, Mom and myself took him out to dinner at Biaggi’s on Sunday to celebrate.  There is nothing like a good meal to put a smile on his face!!

Dad, Jenna & Ross


A couple of weeks ago, my mom’s aunt Marian passed away from cancer.  We were able to visit her in hospice before her passing & spent a couple of hours telling stories & hanging out with her & her daughter Joan (my mom’s cousin).  We went to her funeral last week & it was perfect.  I know how much she loved her family & grandchildren.  Her face would light up when we talked about them.  We miss you Marian!  Say hi to my grandma Doris in heaven!

Aunt Marian & Cousin Joan around Christmas Time 2011

I will finish up for now.  But hopefully that catches everybody up a little bit!  We appreciate all our friends & family that have come to visit us this last month.  Your visits always keep us cheery & bright.  We are lucky to have such wonderful friends!!

xoxo, Kelly

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Hi Everybody!

Hi Everyone!  Did you miss us?  I am not sure why I have gone through such a blogging drought.  Maybe it was because I have been dealing with a terrible cold & a slight case of the stomach flu.  All is better now…and we are getting back into a normal routine.

Yesterday we went to see “The Descendants” with our Godmother Mary.  It was a really great movie!  We all enjoyed it.  It was also nice to look at such beautiful Hawaiian scenery when we are stuck here in the dead of winter.  Snow is finally sticking to the ground here in MN & the temperatures have plummeted.  I can’t really complain, because we have been very spoiled here thus far.  It couldn’t last forever!

Jenna’s Swarm season starts this weekend & we are excited to attend their home opener.  The games are really fun & exciting to go to.  It also helps that we get great handicap season tickets for free!  If you are a Minnesotan & have never been to a game….you should go!  Here is the link to check them out:  I know that my family & I look forward to attending all of the home games!  We are section 119 if you want to stop by and visit :).

We still visit with my grandpa (my mom’s dad) about 3 days a week.  We enjoy chatting with him, watching Ellen & having dinner.  He still seems in good spirits & not too mad about being stuck in MN through the winter.  I know he would love to be in FL…but realizes it isn’t possible right now.  I would hate for him to not be here because he makes my mom laugh so much!  I just love it!

That is about all for now.  My mom continues to be in good health with no signs of cellulitis coming back.  Please continue praying for her!  We LOVE staying away from the hospital!

Thanks for the love and support!


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