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Ok, so my mom has cellulitis AGAIN!!  Grr.  This time we are treating her at home with oral antibiotics & they seem to be working.  On Tuesday my mom began her usual chills & rash.  This is becoming routine for us now.  Luckily my mom’s infectious disease doctor from the hospital kept a prescription refill on hand for us in case symptoms returned.  Thank the Lord!  This means that we didn’t have to head straight to the emergency room & endure another 5 day ordeal.  So far so good.  Her chills & fever have disappeared and the rash is not growing.  Continued prayers for a speedy recovery are greatly appreciated!!

Our Easter at the Eagle house was pretty un-eventful.  We did manage to get some Easter baskets over to my nephews who sent us a photo showing their excitement.  Such cuties!

Julian & Jordan. My brother Nathan's boys

A couple of weeks ago my Grandpa Eagle came to MN for a visit from Upper Michigan.  He is 94 years old and managed a 12 hour car trip on his own.  He is amazing and in great health!  We kept him super busy the 4 days that he was here.  We were all exhausted when the weekend was over…but we sure had a great time!

Grandpa with Jenna at the Swarm Game

Mom, Dad & gramps getting ready for the Swarm to take the field


We all went over to dine with Grandpa Kast. The Grandpa's had a great time together!

Jenna & Ross had us over for dinner with the Narloch family

We all fit!

Dad & Gramps

Mom & Gramps. Mom was not in a "picture taking" kind of mood. This was the best I could do.


That is about all for now.  Up until the Cellulitis came back, we have been enjoying walks, shopping & friends.  This is hopefully just a minor set back & mom’s body with be back to its normal self soon.  We are thankful for being home (even though we are now cooped up).  It beats the hospital any day!!

Thank you for the continued prayers and support!


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